Project: Jewelry/ Earring Holder

A few months back I saw an idea either on Pinterest or Facebook. I can’t really remember, but I loved it. I need a good place to put my earring but it had to be something that said “Mary” all over it!

This was it AND. It screams MARY! The birdhouses, frogs, flowers and ladybugs…oh and the cutesy colors too!

So here is my finished prject!

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It seems as though as soon as fall weather hits out comes the tea , hot cocoa, and coffee and the sewing stuff so here’s my newest project of sorts…It’s granny squares that will get sewn together to make an afghan. Last week I mentioned in my day book entry that I was learning . I taught myself how by studying and studying some more a crochet pattern. (I am not very good at deciphering them. However after MANY hours I figured it out And here is what I have so far.

NOTE: the two in the middle with the edging are completed and the rest will get the same white edging on them.. I am being way more aggressive with projects this year!

So you may wonder where exactly i learned about these. Well a few years ago Hubby’s grandmother gave me a bunch of pre-made ones. I loved them BUT I had no idea what to do with them..So I decided to make an adventure of it. And thanks to a set of books from the 60’s and 70’s…AND YouTube, I was able to figure it out!

So here is what inspired me!

Tackle it Tuesday #13

< Ok in one week this is how far i have gotten. Talk about frustrating and they said it was a two hour sewing project. It has taken that plus some to get the pattern pinned and cut out. I don’t even have all the pieces cut out. Mainly cuz i washed the interfacing material, like I have been taught to do. I then dried it . That was a HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. Why you may ask? It was fusible interfacing and the who 3 or 4 yards are completely ruined. I guess that just made it even more obvious I’m nothing but a novice. OOOPS!