Wordless Wednesday-Who Am I Kidding

Yeah  This isn’t going to be wordless.  I have been doing these posts for a LONG time and I rarelyy if ever manage anything wordless! HAHAHA!  Well all kidding aside today’s post is a sweet one.  We have had a bunch of fun on Spring Break and as I mentioned on Monday we were  going to go to Pennsylvania this week to do Christmas with my parents.  Well when we head south we always try to visit Mimi and Pop pop Hubby’s grandparents, and this trip was no different.  The now live in an assisted living facility about an hour away from my parents and so we try to visit as often as we can.

We even had an extra guest who ran right up to the door depot the fact the kids were standing there!


Mimi and pop pop are in their mid-90’s and will celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary this October!It is a blessing for our children to know and dearly love their great-grandparents.  They certainly have a legacy of Love and faith!

The Three Chef Men-Wordless Wednesday

Chef men

Hey Hey I know I haven’t done one of these in A LONG…LONG….LONG time but I was scrolling through my photos and this popped up.  My three chefs.  I’m not sure what exactly the story is behind this little gem of a photo BUT it spoke to me.   Look at these cuties! All they need is Chef Hats and Chef Coats These are the types of gens you get tp witness when you share an Apple account with your spouse (it’s an accountability thing)   But still isn’t this sweet?   I just love it to bits!



Wordless Wednesday: Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Dyed Using Rice and Neon food dye

This year we dyed Easter eggs using rice and a few drops of neon food dye.  we have this tradition of trying new methods of dying Easter eggs every year.  The downside of this method is you need a few drops every egg, so you go trough your dye VERY quickly.

the upside GORGEOUS Easter eggs AND gorgeous rice that are in two mason jars on my table …What fun

Monster Van


This van was in a parade we took the kids to last week.  It’s a Chevy  Venture Mini Van….with a Hydraulic lift to show off the CRAZY motor inside.  Now if you know us!  That is what we drive….JUST NOT THAT CRAZY! It seriously is a Monster Van!