Bible Study Method

Genuine Soul Food

Okay so I do my devotions like this. I read and then I journal but I cannot count the times that I have longed for more. More substance something I can really sink my teeth into so to speak.

Well I was working through the Joyful Woman’s Manual and I came across a great Bible study method that spells it out wonderfully. Then hubby (being the Bible scholar that he is) and I worked to modify it a bit. And this is what we came up with:


Studying the Bible

  1. Write out each chapter or section first (this was suggested by a professor of mine at Bible College & he was right you get so much more out of the text when you copy it word for word!)
  2. Read each chapter or section 10 times (I really like to use different versions. you really learn a lot)
  3. What is the theme or main thought? There may be more than one.
  4. What are the key verses to understanding this chapter/section? Be sure to understand them!
  5. What persons are mentioned and what information is given about each?
  6. Commands to follow?(C); Promises to be claimed (P); Lessons to be learned (L); Examples to Follow (E);
  7. Are there any significant words repeated?
  8. Any Words that need defining (think if you had students you were teaching)?
  9. What logical reason can you detect for the inclusion of this chapter/section in the Bible (this can be connected to #2)?
  10. What does the passage say about God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?
  11. Write out a simple outline (also from #2).
  12. Read Study notes/ Commentary on the chapter/section.
  13. Notes or Ah-ha moments! What did you learn from the text personally?

I really love this method because i can break it up. It does not take very long but yet it gets you deeper in the word! Amazing!