Hello 2022- Happy Homemaker Monday


Hello Friends and Hello 2022! what an end to 2021- What started as a week long break in the middle of November quickly spread through the New Year! It wasn’t my plan but it was necessary! After blogging for 100 days I needed a break and some time with t family. She have been extremely busy and there are some announcements spread throughout todays post! We are beginning an exciting journey and we hope that you will come along for the ride!

Let’s get into todays post!

:::: The Weather :::: 

Today is the coldest day of the week at a whopping 17 degrees! But the rest of the days will be up in the mid 30’s for the most of it

:::: How I am feeling this morning ::::

This morning was a whirlwind. Hubby and our oldest son had to fix one of the brakes on our truck (it failed when they were out and about yesterday). I am so thankful that there was no troubles other than the brake not working. Then it was off to the hospital for my 4th IVIG infusion.

  :::: On the breakfast plate :::: 

I had a bagel and cream cheese before I left for the hospital so I could take my vitamins (which I forgot UGH). And then I had bacon, yogurt and egg and cheese omelette after the infusion started.

 :::: On my reading pile :::: 

I have a few books I am finishing up before I start on thee 2022 reading list. Stay tuned for the first few books, in the near future.

But for now I am finishing

  • Get Out of Your Head
  • Hello Fears
  • 365 Ways to Save Time
  • LisettesList

Not to mention my Bible. I am going to read through the New Testament this year. One Chapter a day.

:::: On my TV :::: 

Currently yje Tv Show from the 80’s Different Strokes

:::: On the menu this week ::::

I must confess I don’t have a menu set up for this week it is on my list of things to do for today
Monday – Burgers and fries and veggies (hubby and Had salads from one of our favorite local places as a celebration. Tuesday – Baked Chicken with mashed Potatoes and Gravy and broccoli. Wednesday -Pasta. Thursday – Soup of some sort. Friday –  no blessed idea.

:::: From the camera :::

We have been keeping a secret!!!!!

Hubby accepted a position at a new church. The cool thing is it is at the church we have been attending since he resigned his other position. We have all been fully integrated and we really do love our Faith Family!

:::: Looking around the house :::: 

BOXES UPON BOXES UPON BOXES- we are in the slow process of packing and downsizing for a move. Thankfully it’s not a far move . We have gone under contract with a house and are excited bout the possibilities ahead of us!

::::  To do List :::: 

  • Downsize
  • pack
  • downsize
  • Pack
  • pack
  • Pack
  • Downsize some more…..
  • oh and undecorated from Christmas

:::: Something fun to share :::: 

Oh man…..I don’t really have anything right now.

:::: Today’s devotional :::: 

1 Peter 5:10 NLT

10 In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation.

What a promise! When we suffer for a little while (because in light of eternity it is really a “little while) He (God) will restore, support and strengthen you….me….I don’t know about you BUT I NEED this reminder.

Thank you so much for doing me today! For more Happy Homemaker posts you can visit Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.


Drum Roll Please- Week 14 Update


DRUM ROLL PLEASE- Cue the trumpets and Confetti!

We did it friends- 100 Days! All wrapped up here in this last blog post…..and ya know what? I don’t want to stop. I knew going into this challenge one of two things were going to happen. Either I was going to get to the end and still want to write OR I was going to get to the middle give up and I knew that it would be really hard to continue writing,

I wasn’t sure if I could even do this. It wasn’t easy. I had to let go oof some ideals a long the way (as do we all). I know I mentioned last week that hubby really wanted me to take a break but I didn’t know how that will all would pan out BUT!!! I have figured it out. I will be taking break until December 1st…HOWEVER if you show up here or on facebook you will see that I still have posts that have went up! THAT”S because I wrote them ahead!

A Couple of Thank you’s

I have to thank two very special ladies who really kept me going through this project. I could NOT have done it without them. They have been such a great encouragement even when other people let me know they thought I was crazy. And they were right on the mark when I was struggling. (They didn’t know I was struggling so much that I wanted to quit). And then BAM both of them texted me in the same evening letting me know how much I was encouraging them. WOW.

I couldn’t have done this without my hubby either . Man whenever I was struggling with a topic God had laid on my heart to write about but I wasn’t sure about connections he and I would tease out the various areas I was struggling with. He also provided time and space and encouragement to keep going when the schedules got rough.

And for God, through this project he showed me some things about myself. (That post will come at a later date). Without him I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this. nor would I have had the words to say. Through this I have learned why I do what I do AND I have learned to give myself grace and to let go of my ideals and seek to truly please HIM and only Him.

In the coming weeks….

In the coming weeks there will be some big announcements about my blog and the future of it…and many other things. so stay tuned.

And one more thank you!

This thank you goes to YOU my readers. Thank you for hanging out for the last one hundred days I appreciate you so much.

I hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving and we will see you back here December 1st!

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Happy Thanksgiving- Happy Homemaker Monday


Happy (early) Thanksgiving everyone! As we have moved through this last year yes a lot has happened but even though some of it was hard we still have so much to be thankful for. Thankfully I have been keep Track all year long with my Thursday Joy Dare post.

♥♥How I am feeling this morning♥♥

Pretty good our wood heat has been causing some allergy issues (Hubby said it’s more than likely from the type of wood we are burning since it is different than what we normally burn.

   ♥♥On my mind♥♥ 

Oh lots of things. A lot of super exciting things. and we are getting closer to being able to share them with you. AND feeling slightly overwhelmed with some work I need to catch up on.

 ♥♥On the breakfast plate♥♥

Coffee first, then I will decide later after the kids get up what else I will eat

♥♥Right now I am♥♥

writing this blog post and waiting for hubby to head out the door for work

♥♥What I’m wearing today♥♥

Light jeans’ purse and gray baseball shirt with 3/4 length sleeves.sneakers and my hair pulled back into a ponytail *and a fleece jacket.

♥♥On my reading pile♥♥ 

Reading time has been almost non-exsistent. so my Bible, Practical Dreamer and the Nate Saint Biography

♥♥On today’s to do list♥♥

I need to read through the Play scripts and make nots for the December skits for church

 ♥♥On my tv♥♥

Our kids have fallen in LOVE with Treehouse Masters- for me nothing really

♥♥What I’m listening to♥♥

I have a feeling that gobble Gobble by Matthew West will be on repeat this week.

♥♥On the menu this week♥♥

Monday – Meatloaf and potatoes in the crock pot   Tuesday– Chicken Potatoes and carrots in the crockpot
Wednesday – ?? (plans are in progress)
Friday – Family Christmas party (when we set up our tree)
Saturday -Tater Tot Casserole
Sunday –  mashed Potato Sundaes ( this keeps not happening so it keeps getting pushed back)

♥♥From the camera♥♥  

A number of weeks ago we got to see His Little Feet in concert. This kids are amazing . If you ever get to see them we highly recommend it!

♥♥Looking around the house♥♥

We have a bunch of unfinished jobs that need to be tackled and finished

♥♥To relax this week, I will♥♥

Enjoy a lot of family time

♥♥On my prayer list♥♥ 

I have a couple of friends who really struggle through the Thanksgiving and Christmas time and they are definitely being prayed for this week and throughout the season.

We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving week!

Thanks so much for Joining me today for another happy Homemaker post! You can find more Happy Homemaker posts and join in on the fun by visiting Diary of a Stay At Home Mom.

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Modified Inktober Drawing-A Time to Play


A few weeks ago I said that I would show modified or completed (as in colored in) inktober sketches. Well last week clearly didn’t happen. So here we are today. I’m not going to do all of them in their completed states, Just a few of my favorites.

I wanted to try out some shading techniques I had learned from Lindsay the Frugal Crafter On YouTube. I have learned quite a bit from her.

One thing I have learned recently is using not just one medium. In my case I was using my Ohuhu alcohol markers. But after watching her videos I saw she was using colored pencils to shade her alcohol markers inktober sketches. Can I just saw I AM IN LOVE!!!!

Here is the before

Here is the after

As I have had a learning curve with this sketchbook (it’s just a different texture). I have struggled with my markers being streaky. They aren’t usually in my other sketchbooks. I learned to use this to my advantage (mostly) but I still enjoy a smooth texture. I’m very pleased with the outcome for sure.
I am also learning to use colors I wouldn’t normally use to shade. Case in point in this picture I used purple to shade pink (that was outside my comfort zone but I enjoyed the process and like the outcome!!!)

this journey in choosing courage isn’t just about blogging for 100 days. It’s about the process and growing. And taking risks to try new things.
I can totally get in a rut with my art and with blogging. So in the coming months you might see some fun stuff going on. Testing out the waters and trying new things is what I need to do. It’s the only way I’m going to grow in courage!!

Stay tuned for other modified Inktober posts. We will be taking next week off for Thanksgiving but we will pick things up the following week!

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey of Choosing Courage. You can check out the other posts here!!!!

Life’s 5 Greatest Questions (Purpose Driven Life)


Hi Friends today we are going to tackle life’s 5 greatest questions. These are 5 questions posed at the end of Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life (Not an affiliate link).

But first a little back story

I started The Purpose Driven Life in 2019. The book originally came out while I was in Bible College and many of my college peers (including my future hubby ) had to read the book for various classes. It was not part of my reading so I just didn’t read it.

Over the years hubby and I talked about me reading it but I just never “got around to it”.

So I started it towards the end of 2019 but I was diving deep into it even listening to the messages that went along with each chapter. I was learning so many things. I couldn’t get enough.

I had been struggling with my purpose. That happens when you find yourself living in the expectations of others trying to fill in all the gaps. Things start getting cloudy and lines are blurred. What I didn’t know was God was using this book and the corresponding messages to draw defining lines for me AND for hubby. (he would listen to the messages right along with me. ) I couldn’t read the book in 30 days but I finished the book and messages not long after quarantine hit in 2020.

And this blog post got added to a long list of others.

I knew that I wanted to blog out my answers to the questions BUT……I knew that many of my fellow ministry leader friends and fellow Christians didn’t appreciate the book. And so…I let my fear leave this post on the every growing list of posts that found me crippled by other people’s opinions.

And for the last year and a half this post has haunted me, eveytime I read through the list I would become even more aware that I was not CHOOSING Courage. Even over the last few months I have found myself saying “next week”. I would feel that twinge of fear and hear that echoing “BUT, But, BUT…and the excuses would roll around my heart.”

So today…

Today I am answering these questions. I am not going to get into negative discussions about the book or the author. These are my answers to these questions. These are the things I have had to wrestle through. And the person I have to answer to is God.

So here we go.

1)  What will be the center of my life?  

The center of my life will be Jesus. In everything I say and do I hope will reflect him being the center of my life. I know somedays I will make wrong choices BUT my desire is to quickly get refocused back on Jesus.

2)  What will be the character of my life? 

I want the Character of my life to be that of integrity and purity. Choosing what is right over what is easy. Not looking for my own profit or gain but seeking to be honorable in all that I say and do.

3)  What will be the contribution of my life? 

I want my life contribution to be that of a godly influence to everyone within my sphere of influence. I don’t just want to be good . I want to impact Christians and help them reach their full potential rather than live a life of mediocrity. I want to help Christians choose excellence rather than living in name only, seeing that their lives are fully devoted to Christ rather than only bits and pieces through this blog and personal interactions and teaching.

4)  What will be the communication of my life? 

First and foremost the gospel but then to believers to commit living a life of better Jesus followers. Sharing with other believers how to live more like Jesus and encouraging each other to grow in our walk with Him,

5)  What will the community of my life be? 

First and foremost my family. These are the people I do life with the most. But then it is my connect group, some close friends and my church family and those I serve with as well as my community here on my blog.


It took me all of 30 minutes to write this blog post and nearly a year and a half to gather the courage to do so.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. Have you read the book and wrestled through these questions? Did they come easy for you or not so much? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are new here Welcome! I am so glad you are here! Please introduce yourself in the comments below.

Fell free to check out the rest of the posts in the Choosing Courage 100 day blogging project!