Dear Weary Mom….They Grow Up Far Too Fast!

Oh goodness and this is coming from a mom whose 4 kids range in age from 8 down to almost 4…..and just in case you are wondering, no none of them are twins!

But tonight as I stood at my washer and dryer folding my third load of laundry today…..I held in my hands  a few shirts and pairs of pants that have MIRACULOUSLY made it through all three boys.  I can so clearly remember each little monkey as I pulled the shirts over their heads, tickled their tummies and kissed their noses *SIGH*. Sometimes life is so busy, it almost seems to be foggy. One day blends into the next and before you know it the last kid is almost ready to move into 5T!  Oh Boy!

Then the kids (and the adults) have been so busy with school and church and chores and and and…..

THEN A BREAK! Sadly there used to be a day when such a long break overwhelmed me .  But this break…

This Christmas break has been very different.  And I don’t think it’s the kids either.  I know it is me.   It was my attitude.   My attitude  has changed so much over the last year!  God has taught me to love my little sinners for who they are…not who I want them to become.  I have watched my kids  bounce back from some damaging stuff last year, and over the last few weeks realize that my kids are growing leaps and bounds in their faith/reliance on God!   

In some ways they are growing into the very tender hearts I have prayed for, and as they do that they are growing up as well!  Bigger Cloths, more district likes and dislikes,  budding talents and their own very unique personalities.  My kids are as distinct as their favorite colors……my home is a rainbow of differences!  Differences we embrace.  I am so curious as to what God is going to use my rainbow for!   So I encourage you, watch your kids, enjoy your kids, and embrace the rainbow that  is your kids

This Post was inspired by HOPE FOR THE WEARY MOM