Aspire: A Word a Day 10-2-2019


Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today we are going to talk about the word ASPIRE! defines it as to direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

As I thought about this I began to ask myself what I aspire to be or achieve. Have you ever thought about that for a serious amount of time? I’m not just talking about off the cuff. I have a friend who jokes about aspiring to be a unicorn. I’m not talking about that I mean seriously aspiring to something worthwhile.

Here are my aspirations

  • I want to be a world-changer for Jesus. And that starts right here in my home. Then it extends to my church family and the kids hubby and I work with , in Youth Group and then it moves from there to the Crisis Pregnancy center I volunteer at and then to here my blog. My own tiny piece of the internet . It’s through my words and actions that I bear the truth of the one who I belong to.
  • I want to be the best wife I can be for Hubby.
  • I want to be the best mom for T,K,J &S
  • I aspire to paint and to learn to paint. Not professionally just as a stress relieving hobby. Really it is about becoming the best artist I can become. (I do NOT aspire to be a professional )
  • I aspire to write a book. one day- or I guess more realisitically would be to publish a book since I am in the middle of writing said book….YEAH I just said tha!
  • To be the best wife of a pastor God has called me to be. I don’t aspire to be a people pleaser. I aspire to speak truth not to tickle ears.

When It comes right down to it it’s not about WHAT I aspire to do BUT how I do it. No Matter what I aspire to do I want to do it to the best of my ability and to bring glory to God in the process.

How about you what do you aspire to do? Let me know in the comments below!


Essential: Word A Day 10-1-2019


Essential: My First Word

So last year was my first year to really participate in write 31 Days. I was bummed to find out that it was the last year for the group. So this year I wanted to write 31 Days in October BUT I was unsure how to go about it. Then I had a BRAINSTORM. I had begun a hand Lettering Challenge at the beginning of the year sponsored by Dawn Nicole Designs. So I decided that these words would act as my prompts for writing every day in October of this year. So the word to start out October is ESSENTIAL. I have given my self 15 minute time limit, so let’s get started

Essentials to my Faith journey

Essential l#1 My Bible whether it is on my phone or a hard copy book I need this book to grow my relationship with Jesus.

Essential #2- Time. Now I am not saying that I have to have the time. What I am saying I have to MAKE the time- otherwise there will never be time.

Essential #3 A church that preaches God’s word. I just happen to be married toa pretty awesome pastor who takes care to preach what God’s word says and is not swayed by the world’s enticement to be comfortable.

Essential #4 A notebook- this is not essential for everyone but it is for me. I write a lot and I take a lot of notes. It’s how I remember things and it is how I can continue to grow by revisiting what I have learned.

Essential #5 (also my preference but NOT a necessity) is other books written by men and women who are strong in their faith. these books acts as an encouragemetn to me when I am struggliing.

Essential #6 is Christian music. This keeps me focused on the right attitudes and On God when I am not able to be reading my bible and or praying.

Happy Homemaker Monday- Sleepy 9-30-2019

I don’tknow about you all but today I am tired but that *may* be my fault. Because I *may* have gotten my new planner yesterday. And I *May* have gotten a WEEEEEE bit distracted by said planner and I *may* have stayed up a TAD too long. BUT in my dfense. the rain did play a teensy part in my sleepiness.

The Weather:: Pretty sure Fall is showing up this week.

Monday – 60
Tuesday – 81
Wednesday – 65
Thursday – 57
Friday – 49
Saturday – 56
Sunday – 61

On my reading pile:::

Bare Bones Bible Handbook by Jim George

Choose Joy by Kay Warren

On my tv::: YouTube Art Channels

On the menu for this week:::
Monday –  mashed potato Sundaes
Tuesday –  Philly Cheesesteaks. Wednesday –  Sloppy Joes and french fries (though this may have to change to something meatless)
Thursday – Tater Tot Casserole
Friday – Pizza, and wings
Saturday – Chef salads
Sunday  – Roasted Chicked with potatoes and Crrots

On my t -do list:::
Re-straighten the indented part of the living room (aka kinda my office). Craft Closet organized Closet cleaned. general cleaning maintenance. Laundry

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::: I’m going to participate in Inktober on my instagram. Im drawing cartoon animals (my own prompts) and focusing on Ohuhu Alcohol Markers

Looking around the house::: I have some cleaning to do. I have been in search of something missing and soI have ripped a part a few areas of our house that I need to put back together


On my prayer list::: I have a friend who is really going through a hard time right now

Bible verse, Devotional, Inspirational Quotes:::

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Am I Distracted? The Lost Notebook

“Lord, Please help me!  I am feeling so distracted.”

If you were to look I my journal over the last few months that simple prayer is exactly what is repeated dozens of times! But Monday night I was left holding a lot of wasted time and nothing else.  I spent an entire afternoon looking for something that I didn’t really need. and what hit me right square in the face was that I had let this simple thing distract me…from a good deal, Let me Explain…

Eyes Wide open to Distraction: My Play Notebook

Back in April or May, I began to frantically write- write like I haven’t done in over a year.  I was working on our churches Christmas play  I had decided to write. That book never left my side for nearly 3 months and then I took my infamous writing trip. You know the one that I got pneumonia and hubby had to come and get me early because I was sooooo stinking sick!!!  Well I know I had it with me there BUT when I came home, I’m not the one who emptied the truck and I honestly don’t remember putting my stuff away (I’m the only one who would in the case of my personal writing stuff).   So it has been unaccounted for since the end of July.

I didn’t take it back with us in August because I knew that I would have no time because a large chunk of that time was spent hanging out with friends and family.    We came back home and two of our kiddos jumped right into school the next day.  Then the other two and we won’t even go into the drama that ensued with that experience.

We have finally set into a routine and I have a plan to accomplish the play and some other things.  I could have sworn I put it in my craft room- but it is  GONE.   Thankfully as I have written the play I have sent pictures of the written play to my stage manager by text.  So Monday I printed them out.   Monday afternoon I put them in my writing notebook and I was all ready to sit down and blog HOWEVER about 1 o’clock something in my brain switched and I went on a massive hunt throughout our whole house seeking out this notebook…..THAT I ALREADY HAD ALL THE INFO OUT OF!  I had to stop searching to make dinner and I was grumpy.  After dinner I sat down here and my desk and I flipped through my devotional book I have been working on  (I was behind in) and my fingers HIT the lone page flag sticking out of the side and I knew  exactly what the page flag said “DISTRACTED”. and I knew EXACTLY what verse was on that page

Deuteronomy 6:5

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your Soul, and with all your might.

BAM!! I prayed right then and there and asked God to help me yet again to fight the distraction I was getting caught up in.  BUT don’t think for a moment that some silly notebook has been all that has been distracting me.

A Million and One Distractions

NO, I am NOT going to list them all here.   But for each one of us, distractions can look completely different.  From one moment to the next it can look different for me.

Let’s start with defining what it actually means to be distracted!



BUT I’m not you and You Aren’t Me (not the same distractions)

I mean seriously, like I had to say that (Sorry I am the master of the obvious sometimes). But in all seriousness, we often think well, that worked for her so I am going to adapt it for myself.  Then we get frustrated when it doesn’t work.  the problem with that is your struggles with distraction might be different than mine, or they might appear the same on the outside but the reality is the root of the distraction is VERY different.  So then what? 

Well, we need to begin somewhere and that somewhere happens to be at the feet of Jesus.  We need to be willing to do the hard heart work with Him. We need to let him show us where to start and how to change our focus.

Are you willing to start there?  

So about that  Missing play notebook?

It was serving as a distraction.  I was distracted by a silly notebook that I had ALL the info out of.

The long and the short of it is this: It didn’t matter.  Most things that distract us, don’t matter.    There are big things that keep us distracted too.  But at this point, I had to let the notebook go. And I have.  And ya know what- it was freeing and I have been far more focused on the things I am supposed to be focused on.   I still get twinges of angst over not knowing where it is.  and I just keep giving it to God.  I have all the important stuff out of it.

I have let it go.  I’m not holding onto it.

What are you holding onto?   It’s time to let it go.

NOW it’s your turn

What is your biggest distraction? Let me know in the comments!

Have a blessed day



Haooy​ Homemaker Monday – 9/23/2019


The Weather::: I am so happy that we are still in the 70s and 80s. Today is supposed to be 73 but rainy and THAT’s ok. I really enjoy rainy days

Monday – 73
Tuesday – 62
Wednesday – 73
Thursday – 63
Friday – 69
Saturday – 76
Sunday -68

On my reading pile:: Boundaries, Enough, and Choose Joy

On my tv::: nothing really

On the menu for this week::: I haven’t done the menu planning for the week yet- I will come in later and fill in the blanks- But I do know the dinners for tonight and tomorrow

Monday –  Taco Pizzas (Pinterest)
Tuesday –  Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Bake
Wednesday – Pulled Pork and Fries
Thursday -Meatball Subs
Friday – BLT’s and Chips
Saturday – Leftovers
Sunday  – Tater tot Casserole

On my to do list:: Blogging

Phone calls

Craft room needs cleaned up

write play

weekly planning

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::: I have a few Paintings I have finished recent;y but now I need to be finish the play mode

Looking around the house::: The kitchen is CLEAN!!! The living room needs a tiny bit of work and our bedroom does as well. I have a mountain of laundry but the dryer is in the repair shop (AGAIN). and it won’t be done today because with the rain for today can’t hang it out. But I will say that having a clean kitchen makes me happy!

From the Camera::

On my prayer list:::♥ My mother in law Pat and her battle with cancer

Bible verse, Devotional:::


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