Tackle It Tuesday-SNOW DAY 2-1-11

Okay SOOO if you have been following the drama in our household either on FB or here on the blog you know that the last week and a half has been NUTS to say the least!

WELLLL today is no different…..everyone is on the mend.KIND OF.  hubby I think over did it yesterday in the cold….so today  he is really nfeeling it.  He took a much needed morning nap this AM  and is now at church gathering up some things to work at home as he prepares to finish his ThM thesis.

Lady Bug woke up last night at about 11 throwing up bUT she has done a LOT better today.  She kept down a boiled egg and a popsicle for breakfast…..I know I sound like a great mom don’t I?

And on top of it all Tornado and Bug have their very first snow day in their school career!  They are excited and bummed all at the same time…mostly because they can’t play in it!  Their coughs are just too bad to play in the snow…..SO what am I going to be tackling today…..SANITY!!!  Plain and simple!

The kids have not been to school since last Wednesday…..and since i am pretty sure they will have another snow day tomorrow and I have now not seen the outside of my house in a week and a half other than to take the dog out to go potty…SANITY IS IN HIGH ORDER!

So I have a lot to achieve today.  i need to finish folding the laundry that has been on our couch for 3 days.  I need to do a MAJOR amount of dishes,  I need to organize ALL of the boys clothes and i need to clean our bedroom…..SOOOO here is the checklist and I will post pictures of the finished projects as they happen!!  SORRY NO BEFORE SHOTS TODAY!


i guess the overall goal is to get my house back to that lovely sancuary feeling I love so much!

Tackle It Tuesday -December 14

Wow it has been a long time since I have participated in a tackle.  I have two from the last couple weeks and I hope to be a more active tackler since my blog has been finished….I have only included the after pictures especially for the bottom two …it was not for the weak of stomach!!
2010_0626Novdec20100062.JPGBack a few weeks ago the kids went on a feild trip with their school to the pumpkin patch…what I didn’t know whas that they were going to each bring home VERY large pumpkins and since weasel went along he brought one home too.   We wanted to keep them through the Thanksgiving holiday for decoration and then I would “take care of them”  Well I noticed one day that I had a small spot of mold on the top of one so I decided to go ahead and tackle this major project.  we had also aquired 2 smaller pumpkins from church as well so I now had 5 pumpkins calling for my attention.  So I cut open the one that needed the most attention..and much to my surprise the pumkin had rotted from the inside out and IT WAS BAD!!!!  I tossed the whole thing.  It was  not salvagable….So then I cut the nexy one whew.  Not a problem…So after only 4 pumpkins cooked and pureed this is what I had.     There is at least 17 quarts of pumpkin not to mention the small white container of seeds…A Huge hit in our house!

The second tackle hubby actually took care of…It’s kinda his thing and he is good at it.  Be thankful I didn’t post before and after pictures…LOL you just get the after which is much nicer.   You see my dad gave us a deer he shot and Hubby and the three older kids drove down to PA to get it.  So in total there was about 86 pounds of meat.  This includes ground meat steaks roasts and stew meat both on and off the bone.  What a blessing and a relief  for the wallet.  Be watching for some GREAT venison recipes coming soon


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Tacklel It Tuesday-Prep for Open House!

Hi all, well I’m back into the swing of this blogging thing again and well I am doing my FIRST Tackle it Tuesday in what feels like a millennium!

As a pastor’s family we host an open house each fall. And that just popped out of no where.  It has been in my calendar since…FEBRUARY!!!

Well I have lots to do on my house to get it ready so this weeks tackle is basically a To Do List and hopefully if there is time I will post pictures..

  • Clean walls (NOTE TO SELF: next time you think you want to paint walls white..SLAP YOURSELF!)
  • our bedroom needs organized
  • craft room needs reworked and CLEANED!
  • Clean laundry pile in hubby’s offices folded and put away
  • Paint wall in downstairs bathroom (NOTE TO SELF : never EVER let a can of paint in house..even if you think the door is locked….The kids WILL find and WILL use it to finger paint on the walls!)
  • Clean out fridge
  • Finish sorting James Clothes and out tub/ bags away
  • straighten whole house…
  • clean under beds
  • Prepare food

Some of that stuff is just NORMAL but others well…I think the list says it all
Happy Tackling

Tackle It tuesday

Absence yet again…But this time it was out of a lack of internet
connection…We were on Vacation..MOSTLY. Hubby was taking a class out
in Detroit Michigan and the kids and I were camping in a camper
THANKFULLY. However the surprise we came home to nearly washed us all
Almost literally . Sometime during our last week away our Freezer
sprung a leak…actually it is the water tube running to the ice
machine in the freezer. Can you say water water everywhere. So as I
planned on blogging about our trip when we returned home on Friday Well
as you guessed NEVER happened…Hmmm I wonder why.
Luckily none of our stuff was ruined and we are in the process of drying
out. The floor is nearly there…But the insulation in the ceiling is
soaked yet and need s to literally be Popped! LOL. That will be done
this evening and then they will pull out the insulation and let the
ceiling dry out. As you can guess unitl everything dries out I have a
needless to say disheveled basement that does not smell very pretty. I
must say it is better that what happened two pastors ago when sewage
back up into the basem,ent…That was a Lovely experience for all I am
Anywho despite all of this I have a few things that need to be
accoumplished today. They are..

  1. charge batteries for camera so I can take pictures!
  2. vug has his evaluation this morning at nine
  3. shower
  4. Finish wasking the last two loads of Laundry
  5. Organize the boys bedroom closet
  6. Have the Trustee and his fam,ily come for dinner and work on the basement ceiling
  7. oh and have hubby and older tewo kids shop for groceries while Vug has his Eval


Tackle It tuesday-My to-do List!

Well today like any other day in our life will be B-U-S-Y
So here is what is on the plate for today..

    • Blue cords for my Sunday School class
    • Make Tornado’s B-day cake…(yeah it’s late But yesterday was NUTS!

White or yellow cake mix. Make as directed when
finished baking poke holes with the end of a wooden spoon all the way
through cake…Use pudding or jello in liquid form and poor over cake.
lrt cool completely.  Then mix half cup of instant pudding mix to one
container of cool whip.  MIX thoroughly!!  Use this as frosting! (*NOTE*
we use Pistachio pudding we get from a local bulk foods store)






  • Got Milk? Banners for our towns Dairy day parade float!
  •  Figure out how to make milk mustaches Face Paint. I have face paint crayons that will work great!
  • Start a cleanup of craft room
  • hang up clothes in our closet! (leftovers from the weekend!)

As you can tell it will be a VERY busy day and Hubby has a deacon’s meeting tonight.
I will post picture as they are completed. Kind of a photo checklist if you will!