It seems as though as soon as fall weather hits out comes the tea , hot cocoa, and coffee and the sewing stuff so here’s my newest project of sorts…It’s granny squares that will get sewn together to make an afghan. Last week I mentioned in my day book entry that I was learning . I taught myself how by studying and studying some more a crochet pattern. (I am not very good at deciphering them. However after MANY hours I figured it out And here is what I have so far.

NOTE: the two in the middle with the edging are completed and the rest will get the same white edging on them.. I am being way more aggressive with projects this year!

So you may wonder where exactly i learned about these. Well a few years ago Hubby’s grandmother gave me a bunch of pre-made ones. I loved them BUT I had no idea what to do with them..So I decided to make an adventure of it. And thanks to a set of books from the 60’s and 70’s…AND YouTube, I was able to figure it out!

So here is what inspired me!