Tackle it Tuesday #13

< Ok in one week this is how far i have gotten. Talk about frustrating and they said it was a two hour sewing project. It has taken that plus some to get the pattern pinned and cut out. I don’t even have all the pieces cut out. Mainly cuz i washed the interfacing material, like I have been taught to do. I then dried it . That was a HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. Why you may ask? It was fusible interfacing and the who 3 or 4 yards are completely ruined. I guess that just made it even more obvious I’m nothing but a novice. OOOPS!

4 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday #13

  1. Did it fuse to anything in the washer? I HOPE it didn’t go in the dryer too? Have a great day!

  2. Haha. Is this my post or did I just discover someone else who’s tackled a “2-hour” dress?

    Hahha. You can do it!!

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