Playing Catch Up


Good morning everyone- today for A Time to play- I’m playing catch up! I had stayed up on inktober but I just could not stay up on posting them here! so today I am going to share the inked versions 9just the line art- and then in the coming weeks I will share the colored in finished products. I can’t wait to catch up on the coloring in because I have some fun techniques I want to try out!!!

October flew by so fast! and our schedules went a little nuts! So I had to let go of the blog posts that were scheduled every week to be sure I spent enough time on the influence posts everyday.

Day 11 Sour

day 12- Stuck

Day 13- Roof

Day 14- Tick

Day 15- hemet

Day 16- compass

Day 17- colide

Day 18 moon

Day 19- loop

Day 20- sprout

Day 21- fuzzy

Day 22-open

Day 23- Leak

Day 24- extinct

Day 25 Splat

Day 26- connect

day 27-Spark

Day 28- Crispy

Day 29- Patch

Day 30- Slither

day 31- Risk

Thanks for joining me on my catch up day!

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InktoberPost #2 _ A Time to Play


Inktober is A Time to Play

Hey everyone I hope you have had a fabulous week!! Welcome to another installment of #inktober2021. Inktober is a daily art challenge based on a prompt…or not.. Our week was very busy and it was hard getting some of this pictures done this week. It’s been hard too because the prompts aren’t ones I would usually draw.

Well Let’s jump into this weeks “a Time to play Post


Day 4- Knot

Who doesn’t love soft pretzels and garlic knots.? They are some of my faves

Day 5- Raven

Birds- specifically ravens are not my forte!

Day 6- Spirit

I’m not really into ghosts but after 3 attempts I broke down and did the very first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt

Day 7- Fan

I love hand fans- I always have

Day 8- Watch

Another case in point that I was too afraid of what came to mind first when I saw the prompt- so I did something else and it was horrible to I attempted- and I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Day 9-Pressure

This picture came to mind very quickly and I just drew it. It is more symbolic – Sometimes parents and schools put too much pressure on students and it feels like its going to make the gray matter ooze outer ears.

Day 10- Pick

A Pick (AXE)

I have been really please that along this journey I have only briefly looked at pictures leading up to the picture and that I haven’t really needed a reference picture. I am trying to rely on my memory and muscle memory to grow my drawing skills.

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Inktober 2021- A Time to Play


Welcome to the first installment of Inktober 2021 pieces of art. I am using a new sketchbook and it is interesting to use. Since I am using Marker(Alcohol based Ohuhu Markers) I thought I would get marker paper and if you are familiar with those types Markers you know they bleed through pretty much every type of paper. It means you can’t use the other side of the paper and sometimes it means that you can’t use the next page either. Even when you get marker paper you can’t use the other side because it has a coating on the back.

One day as I was watching a Youtube video the artist (can’t remember who) talked about a RENDR (not a spelling mistake) sketchbook. A marker paper sketchbook where you can DRAW on both sides!!!!


When I got it I immediately tested it out and sure enough- I colored on both sides of the first page pretty heavy handed I might add- and I couldn’t see anything through the page! I was so excited! I have picked it up a a few rimes and doodled but I knew I was going to be using it for inktober.

The Learning curve

I have never used marker paper before I only used markers on heavy yardstick or on regular sketchbook paper with either plastic sheet bind it or plastic shelf paper (you know the type you can laminate with.) stuck to the back of the page. And they both work. I will still plan on using these techniques.

The difference between card stock and The RENDR sketchbook is HUGE I’m used to the ink soaking into the paper while using yardstick or regular sketch paper- when I started using the RENDR sketchbook the ink kinda just sat on top of the paper and the ink looked more streaky than the normal paper.

So I had to learn to work with that. I couldn’t get a smooth transition so instead of getting annoyed I decided to use it as texture. AND I”M LOVING IT. It’s not necessarily my favorite but after some practice I am getting used to it!! I am really enjoying playing with the textures I am getting. It’s not perfect but I am completely self taught so there’s that learning curve too.

The first 3 pictures

Day 1 Crystal-I have staked this one a bit

Day 2- Suit

Fay 3 Vessel (as in a water vessel like mentioned in the Bible)

In as much as I am working on my maker skills I am also building on my muscle memory and drawing skills. So I know these aren’t perfect but I have come such a long way since I first started doing this challenge.

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A Time to Play: Inktober


I am so Excited. This week marks the beginning of Inkrober. It is my third year participating in this fun daily exercise is getting better and challenging yourself to do the daily prompt.

It’s amazing just how much your skill gets better over the 31 days. You can get as simple or as elaborate as you want. the point is that you at least draw everyday so you can work towards making it a habit.

So how does this fit here? Well in the spirit of Choosing Courage I am going to share my progress here each week. Right here as A Time to Play post.

And in the spirit of the challenge I thought I would share with you some of my favorites from last years #inkrober

Last years Faves

Now these aren’t in any particular order- I know which is the last one I did though. Most of my art from last year was mostly in black and white as I was super busy. And just took the time to focus on the drawing. Now you don’t need to follow the prompt list either. In the past when I was first beginning I tried my hand at a couple of different drawing and made my own prompt list and almost all of my drawings were colored in. My schedule looked different then,

That big black splotch in the middle of the crater is NOT a part of the drawing- Just an FYI.

This was my last picture of inktober last year- It’s the only one that is completely colored. When I finished uploading it to Instagram I knew it wasn’t going to stay blackened white. I had been learning some alcohol marker techniques and I was excited to try them out. I can definitely see a difference in the technique from the first few characters to the last ones I did. (I used #Ohuhu mArkers and I used Artist loft and Micron Fineliners

This years Prompt list

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