InktoberPost #2 _ A Time to Play


Inktober is A Time to Play

Hey everyone I hope you have had a fabulous week!! Welcome to another installment of #inktober2021. Inktober is a daily art challenge based on a prompt…or not.. Our week was very busy and it was hard getting some of this pictures done this week. It’s been hard too because the prompts aren’t ones I would usually draw.

Well Let’s jump into this weeks “a Time to play Post


Day 4- Knot

Who doesn’t love soft pretzels and garlic knots.? They are some of my faves

Day 5- Raven

Birds- specifically ravens are not my forte!

Day 6- Spirit

I’m not really into ghosts but after 3 attempts I broke down and did the very first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt

Day 7- Fan

I love hand fans- I always have

Day 8- Watch

Another case in point that I was too afraid of what came to mind first when I saw the prompt- so I did something else and it was horrible to I attempted- and I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Day 9-Pressure

This picture came to mind very quickly and I just drew it. It is more symbolic – Sometimes parents and schools put too much pressure on students and it feels like its going to make the gray matter ooze outer ears.

Day 10- Pick

A Pick (AXE)

I have been really please that along this journey I have only briefly looked at pictures leading up to the picture and that I haven’t really needed a reference picture. I am trying to rely on my memory and muscle memory to grow my drawing skills.

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