Playing Catch Up


Good morning everyone- today for A Time to play- I’m playing catch up! I had stayed up on inktober but I just could not stay up on posting them here! so today I am going to share the inked versions 9just the line art- and then in the coming weeks I will share the colored in finished products. I can’t wait to catch up on the coloring in because I have some fun techniques I want to try out!!!

October flew by so fast! and our schedules went a little nuts! So I had to let go of the blog posts that were scheduled every week to be sure I spent enough time on the influence posts everyday.

Day 11 Sour

day 12- Stuck

Day 13- Roof

Day 14- Tick

Day 15- hemet

Day 16- compass

Day 17- colide

Day 18 moon

Day 19- loop

Day 20- sprout

Day 21- fuzzy

Day 22-open

Day 23- Leak

Day 24- extinct

Day 25 Splat

Day 26- connect

day 27-Spark

Day 28- Crispy

Day 29- Patch

Day 30- Slither

day 31- Risk

Thanks for joining me on my catch up day!

Feel free to check out the resting of the Choosing Courage posts and introduce yourself in the comments below .