I’m Late-Happy Homemaker Tuesday!

lateOh Man

Our life been Crazy. It’s seems like I am either late or behind on pretty much every things.  We have been FLYING by the seat of our pants.  Our schedules are almost non-stop in this new season of life…we will soon have 3 Tweens in our house!  There are piano lessons, drum lessons and soon to be baritone lessons.  Awana. and then all the other “normal” church stuff that comes with being. pastor’s family!

So this is late.  Are you ready LET”S GO!

Happy Homemaker

Breakfast time….what is on the plate this morning::::

I’m not really a breakfast person.  oftentimes it ends up being an egg white omelette other times it’s gazing.  Today it is a grazing kind of day

Looking around the house::::

I have some general decluttering that needs to be done.  I need to finish adding the fall decor.  I started a big project on Saturday of making everything look pretty.  I am hoping to take care of some more today!

On today’s to do list::::

  • Blogging.  Besides this post I have two more that I need to write for Write 31.
  • finish fixing and hanging decorations.
  •  Declutter 3 flat surfaces in kitchen
  • deal with the paper piles in the alcove in the living room
  • Bible Study
  • catch up on reading
  • make J a drys appointment
  • dishes
  • laundry
  • dusting

And the list could go on and on and on!!

Currently reading::::

  • Motherhood Matters
  • my Bible
  • Growing Great Kids
  • and I will be randomly working on smoother books that I have not had a chance to finish

On the TV today::::


The weather outside is::::Crisp and cool though it will get into the 70’s today and it is very sunny
On the menu this week::::


Chicken and Biscuits


Pasta Bake


Vegetable Beef Soup


Sandwiches and chips


Burgers and Fries

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::

Blog my brains out…lol

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::

Made a new beef stroganoff recipe last week that was a HUGE hit

One of my simple pleasures::::

coffee outside in the morning

Favorite photo from the camera or internet::::

Praying for::::

  • Those in Las Vegas
  • Hard Situations in the Lives of our Friends and family
  • our kiddos and their schools
  • upcoming ministry events
  • the Raising Generations Today Conference

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating with me at the moment::::

I will be sharing my thoughts today on Confidence and what that looks like according to my verse for the year which is Jeremiah  17:7-8 which says

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
    whose confidence is in him.
They will be like a tree planted by the water
    that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
    its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
    and never fails to bear fruit.”

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Life Unexpected: Living Outside the Normal Everyday Crazy

Unexpected things happen ALL the time…Have you every heard the expression

“When it rains it pours”

Well, yesterday it was a monsoon.  I laugh now as I look back at the unexpected happenings.

So yesterday started out in its normal crazy fashion…Up at 5:30 (First day back after Spring Break I might add) Yeah that was easy!!   Ha!!  Lunches made kids fed, three of them on the bus at 6:25. Whew!

Finished up my study Questions from “You Are Loved No Matter What” by Holley Gerth (THAT BOOK IS AAZING)

Bus alarm goes off a second time ..Fourth child out at the bus for a 7 50 pick up.

Back inside:


Bible Study


Normal household chores

Then I did something that is completely normal and it led to something SOOOOO completely Unexpected.  I went out to the garage to get chicken to thaw for dinner….the unexpected was that the upright freezer door wasn’t shut all the way….UH OH!  yep, so the rest of the normal plans out the window and I collected all the thawed gross things from the freezer that now resembled that of the abominable snowman fro  Monsters Inc….WELCOME TO THE HIMALAYAS was all that ran through my mind!  well after my hands we frozen and completely sticky…my sweatshirt and my pants doused int the  conglomeration of mystery liquids……I had all the Ick taken care of….found chicken in another freezer and thawed that, put it in the crockpot and what’s that?  the alarm for group #1 of our kiddos returning from school with #2 returning soon after group #1.  Did I mention I was having Bible study with a teen from our youth group around the same time?  Hubby was picking her up.

Hubby and I had realized that the freezer had been ajar since we left to visit family on Thursday YAY! Hubby also informed that while he was on a run to deliver a tractor (normal) His glasses broke and feel apart while he was driving (UNEXPECTED and dangerous)  he made it taped them together BUT now had t run to the eye place we get our glasses prescriptions filled.  At that point he offered to take the kids with him and to pick up groceries (Normal and AMZING) But half way through his trip the fan in our van  wouldn’t shut off…even when  the van was shut off and key removed (UNEXPECTED but isn’t can trouble almost always)  I finished my bible study, her dad picked her up, I finished dinner and I sat down on the couch.

Everyone cam rushing in and quite frankly if you have read  Hope for the Weary Mom or seen Mom’s Night Out  you will get what I am about to say.

I had a moment…..And my kids ate  dinner  in silence…and I felt horrible (after all hubby’s sermon was coursing through my brain….Saying” you blew it”!!

Hubby left for a meeting, saying that if it ended before a certain time he was going to run to the store to get the part for the car. Ok off he went I gave the 45 minute warning till bed….




Child #3 asks “mom can I get my shower?” (NORMAL)

” Yep you can”

10 minutes later….As he stands at the top of the stairs , “Mommy why do you have your razor in the shower?”  Ummm because it’s my shower and it’s hanging up above your reach!

Umm no it’s not and I think Im bleeding everywhere .  (SO UNEXPECTED  that it took a few seconds to register, but I snapped into  nurse mommy mod) e. let’s add to this that this is the child with Autism AND he is JUST out of the shower.

So after some minor freaking out (on his part) my little army of three non injured kids snapped into a well oiled machine f helpfulness.  And I could not with all the pressure I could get the bleeding to stop.  I had to call hubby.

Hubby came home….Off to urgent care….To sit and sit and sit some more .  Usually our urgent care is very quick….Not last night.  They finally got him in at 10-ish.    due to how his foot was cut they had to create  an imitation scab.  When they left, the battery in the car was dead from the constantly running fan (Unexpected, kind of) they came home at 12:30 am.  (UNEXPECTED)

SLEEP (normal)

Now this morning had a few unexpected things like oversleeping and leaving child #4’s math homework on the table, but compared to yesterday it was a breeze!

Thankfully in all of the UNEXPECTED events of yesterday, it could have led to major strife and minus the MOMENT I had unrelated t all the rest going on, it’s those moments that show our true colors.   Does our responses point to a Savior who is in control of every detail, or do we get bent out shape and let everyone know it , that it didn’t go according to our plan.  I know it wasn’t in my plan to smell like a garbage can. Do we moan and groan about how awful these circumstances or do we whisper a prayer and say ok LORD it’s not about me.  There has been a lot in my life that has been UNEXPECTED, soon good, some not so good and some just horrible things.   Thankfully God doesn’t expect us to be perfect through it all, he wants us to rely on Him, for everything!

Random Ramblings: CRAZY weekend

Actually its been a super crazy week since I last wrote a Random Ramblings….. Crazy Crazy CRAZY!!!!

Let’s Start with last week.

J was home from school on Monday because he had a fever the night before..and the school holds to a 24 hour policy without meds. T, K, and S went to school, but we were all very aware about the storm heading our way.  Hubby had a meeting Monday night.  Snow showed up Early Tuesday morning and we quickly realized that things had changed over night…our original 12 inches was upgraded and by Tuesday evening we had 29 inches of snow.  did I mention the kids had a snow day Tuesday )YAY)…..and then Tuesday afternoon a travel ban was put into place…… so Wednesday no school….Thursday rolled around and the roads were much better excluding the drift spots, but no AWANA that night.  J’s respite care worker came Thursday and Friday instead of Tuesday and Wednesday…. Hmmm I wonder why. Hubby  was at church from 10-4-430 and then we had some errands to run and dinner out together (Are you getting tired yet, cuz I am just writing it.  THEN Friday Happened….Initially all the kids had off school for Friday but since they exceeded their 5 allotted snow days T, K, and S all had school on Friday  so it was just J home.  Hubby and J went to church to finish up the previous days project.  When they came home J’s service coordinator came for a brief meeting and his respite care worker came…we ate a quick lunch and were off to visit a church person who also had her gall bladder out last week (That is 3 of us from our church in about 3 months), then we had to pick up the kids from school (OOPS almost forgot that detail…thanks J for reminding us at lunch) had to o pick up K’s friend, whose parents are our church’s youth leaders, from her grandparents house so she could come spend the weekend with K while her parents, I and two teenagers went to a youth rally….. BREATHE!!! We drove home that night, stopped at Walmart  and came home….. slept….. then left AGAIN the next morning to head back.  We were there till 5ish and then headed home again… IN MORE SNOW.  I didn’t get to go right home though I had a meeting at church that took a while because it involved some artistic work… and you know artists, we are our own worst critics!   Yep OCD was strong!!  I came home to my children (T & K) preparing dinner for us!  What a blessing those two are!  And that leads us to Sunday with all the normal Sunday stuff for a pastor’s family.

This life is crazy and we all go through crazy times but in the end we have choices.  As the speaker at the youth rally I attended this weekend shared as he spoke through 1 Corinthians 13, we all have a choice in being loving we can be kind or we can be rude….. So in these times of  Crazy it’s very easy to become self absorbed and rude, I mean ungrateful… and much more or we can CHOOSE  to look beyond our crazy, our horrible, our circumstances and be who God has called us to be…… LOVING!   It’s not easy and it takes a ton of practice.  I know I’m not there yet.  I’m not perfect and I most certainly DON’T have this all figured out. So start small. That’s what I am doing. I’m picking one thing….. and I’m choosing to pay attention to others rather than my crazy! How about you? What keeps you from being loving when THAT is what God calls us to do?


It’s Been a Month…..

It's Been A Montha Month…a whole month?   REALLY? Tomorrow marks a month since I last posted , and it’s not because of a lack of want.   it’s been a very crazy month and i wish I could say it was going to get better.   Actually it will…..once we leave on vacations, but until then the month coming will hold some fun!


It had been a pretty focused month …and then it happened last week….I got sick.   I have not been sick all winter…I would start down the cold road and then I would take extra vitamins and then Id be fine.My seeds That needed to be are all started…They aren’t really doing much BUT they are started at least!I had my laptop sitting next to last week, open all ready to write but my arms ached so BAD!  I just rolled over and went to sleep.

So here are some of th things we have accomplished over the last month

  1. Little Bean turned 6
  2. Picnics
  3. Weasels’s 3rd quarterly report was written and sent in.
  4. Homeschool curriculum for grade 3 has been purchased  and recieveed
  5. Letter of Intent to homeschool has been sent in
  6. Away has been completed
  7. we acquired a second set of college stdents (related to a class that they take in the special education degree)  they spend 25 hours with a family over the course of a semester.   For whatever reason the second set couldn’t finish out their hours with their assigned family so we were asked if we could fit in another set.  this was a fourth semester participating in this program…a lot of this college kids don’t…or can’t connect but the group we had this semester really connected wonderfully with weasel…..they were simply amazing!
  8. My stack of reading is GOING NO WHERE FAST!   I just had too many things going on at once, but soon I will have more time once homeschooling is done for the year.
  9. we (my Women’s Bible study group that I leadI) put on this AMZING Ladies Brunch….. And we are beginning to form the foundation of a a thriving women Ministry in our church.  this was really time consuming, BUT it’s what I am called to do and I love it!
  10. we are getting ready to kick off our next ladies Bible study  using Rest Assured By Vicki Courtney which I reviewed here a couple of months ago.  I have fallen in Love with the book and it is beginning a 4 level Bible study series spanning 4 books
    1. Rest Assured
    2. The Best Yes
    3. Thrive
    4. Fervent
  11. and even though I have been silent on the blog, I have been writing.   There is a blog series pending the release of Stacey Thacker’s book  Fresh Out of Amazing.   This series of blog posts has been shall we say….HARD!  that seems like such an understatement.
  12. There have been people in my life who need me…not just my hubby and kids.  I have some friends who are really going through some really hard things…unthinkable things.  sad things.  and I will be there for them.  I made a determination a year ago that I would be that friend that God uses to be a light….(I write this as Michael W. Smith’s song I will be Here for You come on)
  13. We also have another Bible study meeting here in our home.
  14. and there are somethings I just can’t share.   tThey quite possibly could require “new Normal’s”    But we are willing.  That’s really what God asks of us, is willingness.  Usually based around our “i’ll never…” statements..
  15. Little Bean accepted christ as his Savior,  then later that week, 3 young girls from our church followed suit!  what an amazing blessing…Did I mention Little Bean accepted Christ on MOTHER”S DAY    🙂
  16. Hubby and I celebrated 13 years of marriage..while I was sick 🙁
  17. Tomorrow is Hubby’s Birthday!

Well there is a look inside our last month.  You will be hearing more from me more often I have some really neat thing coming down the line including a weekly project Post, sharing my latest creations and  a snapshot into my planner….I have been using The Happy Planner for the last 7 months and boy am I loving it.    There will also be some  Why I do what I do posts, inspired by Rest Assured and The Best yes, So won’t you Stay tuned in the coming days weeks and months as we jump into writing again!  I promise It won’t be a month till you hear from me again !



Newsboys Edition ~Weekend Re-Cap 4/18/2016

NEWSBOYS EditionI know That blogging never really happens for me over the weekend and yet we find ourselves on some CRAZY adventures and this weekend is NO different.   And it culminated in one of the coolest concerts I have ever been to. THE NEWSBOYS !!!  It’s rare that our weekends are slow and are usually JAM packed with ministry stuff.  Well in all honesty this weekend was no different, but there were some crazy fun adventures as well.

A lot of times I get to Monday and say “Man I really wish I could recount everything!” Well I’m going to start doing just that!!!


Friday Night was our kids school concert.  We always enjoy school concerts.   They are very sweet moments as we see all the hard work our kids put in each semester!  It ends with an ice cream social and a late night but so worth it 🙂



image image



AM- Hubby has worship team practice.  It’s a couple hours long, so the kids and I were in full clean up mode,  getting ready for the babysitters that night .  I had food to make for their dinner and prep work for our Youth Rally Gym night!

That afternoon was a friend’s 15 YO son’s birthday party.  We were there for about an hour and then had to head back home.

Then it was back home to finish dinner prep and making sandwiches for the Youth Rally Gym Night.    We measure the amount of sandwiches we make by the loaf.  I made two loaves worth of sandwiches and took 6 bags of chips.  The babysitters arrived at 4:30 and we were on our way @5…

PM  Youth Rally Gym Night saw over 100 kids.   (WHICH WAS AMAZING)  a Local Christian Camp’s Assistant Director spoke, we played two Minute  To Win It Games, SANG some great worship songs and then the kids were released into  the local Middle school to play Basketball, swim, play volleyball, gaga ball, table games or to sumo wrestle  in these giant Bubble balls.   AND EAT!…cookies…..sandwiches….chips…..and they pretty much ate everything! (except the chips)

Home late again!   BUT AGAIN totally worth it!


AM Church.  We can’t skip church because we were  out to late…My husband is the pastor after all..LOL   We (hubby and I)also teach the  4 &  5 year old Sunday school class.  At the last minute hubby found out he had to speak because our intern was SICK.

Sunday afternoon we as a family attended a local Autism Awareness event.  It is our second year at the event.  This year we had our college students who work with our son with Autism there with us.  They are amazing!  The local college football team was also there playing with the kids.   They were so huge BUT great with the kids.   Our youngest son said to us on the way home, “I must be famous because they kept picturing me”!  The football players wanted to take pictures with the kids  for school!



Sunday Night…and the Biggest surprise…. we have been holding a secret from our kids for a couple of weeks now, and how they didn’t Figure it out is well, quite frankly beyond me.  They got to go to their first big concert…and it was a HUGE concert.  The #Newsboys, with Audio Adrenaline OBB and Ryan Stevenson.   First, check that off this Mama’s bucket list.  I have been a huge fan of the Newsboys since I was in high school….which was *Cough* years ago….ahem. and it carried through to this day and I have trained up my children in the way they should go…..it was great to watch them rock out to Big House, by Audio Adrenaline and I Believe and God’s Not Dead…..OH AND LETS NOT FORGET  JESUS FREAKS.   Which BTW is crazy what they do with the drummer during this song, JUST SAYIN’

Photo courtesy of J. Spinner

Photo courtesy of J. Spinner

YES That is the drummer tipped on his side….and yes he was spinning 🙂
image image image

I think one of the most amazing things is hearing THOUSANDS of people whisper “God’s Not Dead He’s surely alive”  it’s no longer a whisper….and isn’t that how it really is?  iIf each once of us as believers stood next to each other, and whispered that truth….together, unified, it wouldn’t be a whisper….it’s a roar!     A GREAT GIANT ROAR!   But  instead we stay tucked away hidden, keeping our mouth closed tightly…..

Thanks Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, OBB and Ryan Stevenson for a great show.   It’s good to see my kids enjoying every single minute.  Our lives had been infused with some very hard unspeakable things, and it was so amazing to watch them have so very much fun..

To step outside the fears of this life, which has recently reared it’s ugly little head again as one of our sons said “mommy can we go back to ________ to the place where my friend is? You know the place _______ and I went every week” (he is referring to his counselor’s office)  to see them shout out truth, being sung into their little lives, to see the smiles, and to hear shouts, whoops and hollers praising their Savior……makes the fear melt away, at least for a few hours!

And this…This is what I am enjoying today….HOME and sunshine!! I LOVE SPRING 🙂



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