Drum Roll Please- Week 14 Update


DRUM ROLL PLEASE- Cue the trumpets and Confetti!

We did it friends- 100 Days! All wrapped up here in this last blog post…..and ya know what? I don’t want to stop. I knew going into this challenge one of two things were going to happen. Either I was going to get to the end and still want to write OR I was going to get to the middle give up and I knew that it would be really hard to continue writing,

I wasn’t sure if I could even do this. It wasn’t easy. I had to let go oof some ideals a long the way (as do we all). I know I mentioned last week that hubby really wanted me to take a break but I didn’t know how that will all would pan out BUT!!! I have figured it out. I will be taking break until December 1st…HOWEVER if you show up here or on facebook you will see that I still have posts that have went up! THAT”S because I wrote them ahead!

A Couple of Thank you’s

I have to thank two very special ladies who really kept me going through this project. I could NOT have done it without them. They have been such a great encouragement even when other people let me know they thought I was crazy. And they were right on the mark when I was struggling. (They didn’t know I was struggling so much that I wanted to quit). And then BAM both of them texted me in the same evening letting me know how much I was encouraging them. WOW.

I couldn’t have done this without my hubby either . Man whenever I was struggling with a topic God had laid on my heart to write about but I wasn’t sure about connections he and I would tease out the various areas I was struggling with. He also provided time and space and encouragement to keep going when the schedules got rough.

And for God, through this project he showed me some things about myself. (That post will come at a later date). Without him I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this. nor would I have had the words to say. Through this I have learned why I do what I do AND I have learned to give myself grace and to let go of my ideals and seek to truly please HIM and only Him.

In the coming weeks….

In the coming weeks there will be some big announcements about my blog and the future of it…and many other things. so stay tuned.

And one more thank you!

This thank you goes to YOU my readers. Thank you for hanging out for the last one hundred days I appreciate you so much.

I hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving and we will see you back here December 1st!

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Week 6 Update- Almost Half Way


I cannot believe that we have just finished week 6 for this writing project and that we are SUPER close to being half way done. (Today is day 44- we are one week away )

Blogging Update- Here’s What to Expect in October.

Up until this point In the writing project I have been just diving in head first, gaining courage. I have checked off a number of the blog posts on my VERY lengthy post idea list. There hasn’t been a theme at all really, but I knew that once we hit October I was going to change paces and revisit a theme from a few years ago. I wanted to finish what I started . I have the content it just never made it into posts.

Behind the scenes I have been doing some in depth planning. I knew that when I participated in #write31days a few years ago that is was said to be the last year. I don’t know why I stopped posting at Day 18 but for whatever reason I did.

So when I took this writing project on I know that October was going to be dedicated to this theme I just wouldn’t use the hashtag and I wouldn’t be “signed up” but hey I am writing for “31” days in October anyway. Then I started seeing emails flood my inbox sharing about the procedure and prompts and stuff like that- Well I am not really interested in the prompts but I can still write about whatever I want and I can link up.

So Starting October 1st you will see that hashtag and title pop up and hopefully we will get some more friends to join us along the way but the only difference you will notice is an ongoing theme.

And the theme is……


I told you I was going to finish what I started! So if you haven’t read the first 18 blog posts you can catch up here.

Like I said before this was a part of my plan to begin with way back in August when I started this journey. I think the interesting thing about all of this is that over the last 6 weeks as I have prayed about this topic and as I revisited my post list I already had I began to see that certain posts would fit into the whole influence topic. I began to mark them with a highlighter and added them to my list.

But what about the other 13 days?

Saying that just sounds ridiculous to me- I mean really? This is day 44 and I couldn’t finish out 13 days ? But I have to remember I was in a difference place and a different time. I have changed a whole lot since 2018.

About a month ago I realized that the post list I had made wasn’t still in the planner from that year. So I began to pray and ask God to help me find it.

As I decluttered a bookshelf in out bedroom I found the list tucked in the back of a stack of papers on a clipboard.! I couldn’t believe it. So then I began working through them.

What I saw were some posts that I wasn’t ready to write then but I am now. Now those posts have some different perspectives that can be added that I did not have before and after six weeks of writing I no longer have the fear to write….ok maybe a smidgen but it’s not going to stop me.

As for the other weekly posts I know at least Tuesdays and Sundays will get two posts. And that’s the weekly update and the A Time to play posts. But those aren’t hard. They are both just sharing the week. All of the work is done. The other two might be hit or mis.

I am so excited

Words cannot express just how excited I am to embark on this journey to finish what I started. It’s been nagging me for 3 years and I am going to fight for completion this time. And I am excited for you to join me on this journey!

Thanks for joining me for My Choosing Courage 100 day writing project.. You can check out all the other posts by clicking here.

Blog on Purpose


Confession time

I love to write. I always have. But you already knew that. BUT I struggle to write a purpose statement. The point of a purpose statement is that it’s short Concise and easy to remember. But if you have been around here for very long you know that concise isn’t on the of the words that describes how I write.

Well back one month ago as I began this writing journey, I began to consider writing a purpose statement for my blog. I could tell you what the purpose of my blog was but it would not be concise.

It rolled around in my head and I have thought many times how to articulate it. bu nothing ever seemed good enough,

A lesson in every little thing

Back in December when I was living every waking second and some of the not quite awake but not quite asleep moments, praying that God will get me through that moment.

Whether it was moments of pain ( That was the majority of the moments) or laying in the ER waiting for the next procedure You can only count the tiles on the ceiling to many times. I quickly learned that God really did care about every little thing. It was a hard lesson. But by the end of December I was taking every little thing to HIM. I wasn’t fretting about the details anymore.

But How Quickly I Forget

Fast forward to now and I am just hanging out pondering all these details – trying to do all the things myself and then when God shows up I sit mouth gaping at the pastor when he answers a question he didn’t even know was asked.

I mean seriously the WHOLE month of DECEMBER I spent learning this lesson…and I just forgot the lesson.

So about that purpose!

There I was listening- taking notes and BAM

Hebrews 10:24 NLT

24 Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.

That’s exactly what I try to achieve her and on Social media. I want people to grow in their walk with God! I want people to grow in their love and good works!

I cannot tell you the number of times I have read the book of Hebrews and never really noticed that verse.. And yet there it is.

Baby Steps

Over the next few weeks and months there will be some changes here on the blog. She will be getting a facelift. BUT what’s more important is that the bones of this blog are sturdy. And that starts with a rock solid purpose Statement. It is what will be what keeps me on track and not lose sight of what I need to be writing about!

I can have a pretty blog but at the end of the day if I have no purpose or lose sight of my purpose I will not have joy in what I am doing! And right now I am loving what I am doing!

Thank you so much for joining me on this growth journey. That is what this project is….It’s pushing me to grow beyond my comfort zone. And it’s helping me to see just what God wants me to write about.

Thank you for being patient with me as I wobble with each baby step on this journey. If you are new here and you are asking what on earth is this girl talking about? Then you can check out this blog post here and if you have missed any of the blog posts you can check them out here.

See you tomorrow for Day 32!

Looking back on 20202 : Top 5 Blog Posts


Hey All so this is a fun little blog post! As I was looking back at a few blog posts I need for upcoming blog post I was noticing had some pretty cool blog posts that I totally I forgot I wrote in 2020. (Ha, yes it was that kinda year) So I thought it might be fun to do a year in review but I am only going to do the top 5 blog posts that I enjoyed writing!

Post #5 Let’s Talk : Anger

Anger: it’s something that we ALL struggle with and this was my processing the emotion of Anger. Hubby and I spent weeks hashing out verses and this was the outpouring of our discussions.

Post #4 Duck Your Attitude is Showing

This post was fun to write as I was reading a book about attitudes and all that kept to coming to mind was a fun little prank from Middle School.

Post #3 – 1,000th Blog Post

This was a very exciting blog post for me to write. It’s been a long time coming.

Post #2 Teachable Spirit 101

Having a teachable spirit is something I super passionate about. It is my deepest goal and desire to always be a learner no matter my age or position in life. I also desire to raise life long learners as well!

Post #1- Intentionally Social

This was my very first INTENTIONAl themed post and really kicked off my journey with the word intention and this blog post was me working through why I still wanted to keep social media.

Intentional…..2021 {WORD}

Each Year I choose a word (intentionally). 2019 I choose JOY, and when 2020 rolled around around I felt the innate sense that JOY needed to stay my word for 2020 AFAIN…..hmmmmm….I wonder why. But then December of 2020 rolled around. I try to be intentional with my word each year. Now I am not one to label events to a year and I am not about to do that with this circumstance either. First let’s go back to November, the beginning of November that is.

That’s when I decided what 2021’s Oe word would be……


Low and behold I had no idea what in the world was about to happen. We had a great Thanksgiving and first week of December. I was in full swing of planning for 2021. And the very first Bible Study of 2021 was scheduled to be Intentional Gratitude.

And then I woke up the second Wednesday of December and life swirled out of control….(I’m gonna spare you all the extremely gory details) but it involved the first of 3 emergency room visits and life came to a screeching halt.Since that day I have had 3 emergency room visits, 5 Doctor’s visits, 2 emergency procedures, 1 MRI, 1 CAT scan, 2 Ultrasounds, 2 overnight stays in the hospital (that’s 4 total hospital visits total…..and warning TMI moment 11 attempts at…NEVERMIND…..its 11 attempts at something that was excruciatingly painful for me and that is all ya really need to know.

……and I found myself smack in the middle of needing to be intentionally joyful and intentionally grateful because life had me in so much pain that I required Narcotics and Jesus. Yes you read that correctly.

Originally I had areas I “planned” on being intentional in. But I have become ever more aware of how God’s plans are not my plans and His ways are not my ways.

My plan was intentional…

  • gratitude
  • service
  • family time
  • blog
  • home
  • relationship with Jesus
  • hubby
  • relationships with others in general

If you know me some of those things come naturally. Like service- it’s one of my spiritual gifts .

But since all of this has Happened I have had to reconsider some and add others.

  • service for me is an “active” thing- and right now action is not something I can do very much of. So service has taken on a different look- right now it is heavily rooted in prayer and texting and phone calls ( oh wait that’s been a lot of 2020!!!)
  • Taking care of our home has not been something I can do right now. It took all of my strength and energy tp write out our weekly menu and grocery list.
  • My relationship with Jesus has jumped to a whole new level….more on that in a later post.
  • I’ve added intentional “REST”. Sometimes that requires sleep and other times it means stepping away because my body is so exhausted. Exhausted currently holds a whole new meaning for me and I cannot yet put it into words.
  • intentional emotions. Emotions in these situations can spin out of control, especially when extreme pain is wrecking your whole body.
  • Intentional breathing- NO JOKE. when you are in extreme pain you forget to take deep breaths and I am so grateful for a friend who would remind me over the phone to control my breathing and take deep breaths. It’s these practical reminders that can calm a very serious situations.
  • Intentional honesty- admitting where I am at. It’s easy for me to ask people and care for others in their situations but it’s another for me to say here’s where I am at and I’m really struggling with. I have a great group of friends I can do this with. No judgement because they REALLY know me. (They don’t just think they know me or my intentions) and in those moments they are so gracious and willing to share truth not just pat answers. One of them shared a devotional that really reminded me to really think on what I know NOT on what I am feeling. (More on that later too)

In closing

I want to leave you with my verses for the year


I fully believe that I am in full swing on really learning what these verses mean. It’s one thing to know “what “they mean. I know WHAT they mean but it’s another story to take these verses and fully apply them to our lives- that the difference between knowing and living God’s word (aka is the Bible a textbook to you?) HA another post!! coming your way….I think all of these count as intention blog posts!.

Well Let me know what your word and verses are for the year in the comments below!