Happy Homemaker Monday 7/13/2020

Today IS a HAPPY day… Today’s the day that I get to pick the winner to help celebrate my 1,000 blog post here on this blog. You can enter that Giveaway by clicking here. I’d love for you to celebrate with me! Now let’s jump into today’s Happy Homemaker Monday


♥♥The Weather♥♥

Cooler this week which make the hubby SUPER happy!

Monday –
Tuesday – 75
Wednesday – 81
Thursday –  80
Friday – 80
Saturday –  86
Sunday – 88

♥♥How I am feeling this morning♥♥

FExhausted I slept in til 730. I never do that I am up between 5 and 6 every day

♥♥On my mind♥♥

Im tired. Honestly since the whole heat exhaustion incident Friday might I have found myself wanting to sleep lot. we have some friends going through some horrible losses and some terrible illnesses.

♥♥On the breakfast plate♥♥
Bullseyes except mine are made with egg whites

♥♥On my reading pile♥♥

  • Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott (kindle)
  • The WingFeather Saga: On the Sark Edge if the Dark Sea of Darkness (with the kids)Kindle)
  • Your Personality tree by Florence Littaur Hard Copy)
  • Choose Joy by Kay Warren (Hard Copy)
  • Coffe Shop Conversations (Kindle)
  • 2 PDF books (not sure what they will be but they will be hard copies as well)
  • My Bible Specifically the book f Philippians

♥♥On my tv♥♥
nothing really. whatever suits my fancy on PureFlix

♥♥On the menu this week♥♥

Monday – Burgers and fries with cheese and bacon and fresh cucumbers
Tuesday – Chef Salads
Wednesday – Spaghetti Dinner. (salad, garlic Bread )
Thursday – baked Chicken and roasted veggies
Friday –  Chicken Patties Sweet Poatoe fries and fresh veggies
Saturday – Loaded Nachos
Sunday –   Smoked Chicken and baked potatoes

♥♥From the cameral♥♥

♥♥Looking around the house♥♥

I have some fine-tuning to do The weekend was terribly busy.

♥♥Chore I’m not looking forward to today, or this week♥♥

My bedroom for sure.  (I know I know it’s the same as last week)

♥♥To relax this week, I will♥♥

sleep and replenish my body with liquids (I may have had a bout with heat exhaustion late last week.)

♥♥On my prayer list♥♥

  • hurting and sick friends and family
  • our country
  • our church
  • friends and family

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  1. Great menu. Read your post that goes with the giveaway – very interesting.
    So over this heat too!
    Hoping you have a great week

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