Essential: Word A Day 10-1-2019


Essential: My First Word

So last year was my first year to really participate in write 31 Days. I was bummed to find out that it was the last year for the group. So this year I wanted to write 31 Days in October BUT I was unsure how to go about it. Then I had a BRAINSTORM. I had begun a hand Lettering Challenge at the beginning of the year sponsored by Dawn Nicole Designs. So I decided that these words would act as my prompts for writing every day in October of this year. So the word to start out October is ESSENTIAL. I have given my self 15 minute time limit, so let’s get started

Essentials to my Faith journey

Essential l#1 My Bible whether it is on my phone or a hard copy book I need this book to grow my relationship with Jesus.

Essential #2- Time. Now I am not saying that I have to have the time. What I am saying I have to MAKE the time- otherwise there will never be time.

Essential #3 A church that preaches God’s word. I just happen to be married toa pretty awesome pastor who takes care to preach what God’s word says and is not swayed by the world’s enticement to be comfortable.

Essential #4 A notebook- this is not essential for everyone but it is for me. I write a lot and I take a lot of notes. It’s how I remember things and it is how I can continue to grow by revisiting what I have learned.

Essential #5 (also my preference but NOT a necessity) is other books written by men and women who are strong in their faith. these books acts as an encouragemetn to me when I am struggliing.

Essential #6 is Christian music. This keeps me focused on the right attitudes and On God when I am not able to be reading my bible and or praying.