I’m NOT late-YET!! Happy Homemaker Monday 2-5-2018


Happy Monday Evening!! (Yay I made it!!)  It has been a few weeks but I am back.   My hopes were to get this posted this morning but hubby and I decided what my body really needed more was sleep..  Yesterday was rough.  I thought I was dealing with my head cold getting worse and it seemed as though I was battling a major sinus headache but in reality what was really going on was a migraine to beat all migraines.  And I know some of my friends who suffer from migraines sleep while they have their migraine BUT I have never been able to.  I sleep horribly and quite honestly it feels as though my brain is shaking in my head.  Weird right??  so after the migraine goes away I sleep A LOT!!

So Let’s Get Happy

The weather:::.

COLD COLD COLD and snowy. the kids actually had a 2 hour delay this morning
As I look outside my window:::It’s dark. BUT I know there is this blanket of cold white stuff EVERYWHERE!!

Right now I am:::

Writing this up, thinking about how much I want to sleep some more .
Thinking and pondering:::About this migraine- it was 8 months ago we made some changes in our daily lives.  Hubby and I used to suffer from headaches daily and we made these changes.  It is so rare for us even to experience a headache now.  wow this one kicked my butt and I am so glad it’s over.

On my bedside table:::

I don’t have a bed side table but I have shelves on the back of my bed.  What’s there is hand lotion, some books , my  water bottle and maybe chapstick

On my tv:::

Malibu Dan the Family  Man  (a new David A.R. White Tv show on PUREFLIX

On the menu for this week:::

Monday – Meatball subs and fries
Tuesday – Homemade chicken Nuggets baked Potatoes and carrots
Wednesday –  Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Thursday – made at home subs
Friday – Mac and cheese with hotdogs (per a child’s request)
Saturday – Pulled Pork and French Fries
Sunday –  (not quite sure yet) maybe lefts overs

On my to do list:::

this is a funny question!!  considering I spent most of last week battling a cold and a crazy weekend, and then the whole migraine and recovery I have a bunch to do.  I have laundry, some dishes, and various other things round the house.  I did accomplish to get some things done but they did not feel very substantial at all.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

nothing at the moment.  I am working on a hand lettering challenge this year But I am behind!

My simple pleasure:::

daily writing in my writing prompts I picked up at our local 5 Below store.  It has been stretching me as I force myself to fill in ALL the lines!

Lesson learned the past week:::

Do NOT lay on the floor when you have a horrible headache, especially if there are kids running playing a game.  Let’s just say I needed second Lunch.

Looking around the house:::

eh….what can I say it could be SOOOOOOO much worse!

From the camera::
:Happy People
Prayer List:::

oh there are lots of big things right now friends and family recovering recovering from major surgeries.  A loved one with terminal brain cancer.  Friends with hurts that run so deep that only a Heavenly father can heal!

Bible verse, Devotional:::


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  1. Enjoyed reading your post. So sorry you had a migraine. I have had 2 in my life and both times they knocked me out flat for a couple days. Hope this is a better week!

    • I used to get them all the time and I lived in a constant state of headaches but now they are soooo few and far between that when they come they really kick me to the curb!

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