When Life Hands You a Detour…TAKE IT!

DetourSo I am not going to lie.  This week was UNEXPECTED!!!!   The last thing on my mind was spending an extra week at camp.  BUT the kids and I are here We were handed a detour  for at least part of this week.   so here I sit at my computer, the kids are resting in our camper (we just finished a pontoon boat ride around the lake) and I am sitting here at our rest stop on this detour.  But in all honesty it took both hubby and I awhile to get to this stop on the detour.

We got home Saturday after having two great week away, here at our home away from home.   It was relaxing and enjoyable and refreshing and both hubby and I came away   ready to jump in head first into ministry if.  As if we stop when we are on vacation.  If you know either one of us well you know that we breathe ministry.  It is just WHO WE ARE!  So the whole time away our brains work to plan pray and seek God’s direction for what He would have us to do!  We are fed.   We grow. We come home and jump right back in……but not this time…this time had some detours!

What Happened

When we hit the city next t our  town we stopped at Was-Mart to make a purchase because we were given a heads up on Thursday that there was an issue in our house, so we were coming into the situation prepared…or so we thought.  Detour #1 leaving Was-Mary and half way home, we noticed our brakes smoking ..our big truck has this problem every six months with the brakes.  So that needs to be fixed.   Check Continue reading »

What Are You Thankful For? AKA Thankfulness Challenge!

ThankfulnessAs I have been journeying over the last few weeks I have come to the realization of a few things and I really want to show you a piece of art,Yes I Ive been playing these few weeks away.. Pencils and paint. you won’t see them all BUT this one…I LOVE this quote from Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.  I am so thankful for this book as it is changing how I look at my life.  Being thankful takes your eyes off you and puts them where they belong, THE GOD OF ALL CREATION!

Life Change comes when we recieve Life with Thanks and ask for nothing to Change


I have written thankful lists for a while now but as of late I have ben striving to not just write them but to actually pray and thank God  for the things on my thankful list (what a profound idea right?)

But as I have read Ann’s book I have decided to take on the challenge of writing One  Thousand Gifts.

It is hard because it is really developing discipline to not only look at your world and see those tiny gifts lurking in sometimes dark corners of your day but it is also  slowing down enough to take the time to write them down in my cute little travelers notebook.  Have you read or seen how crazy our schedule is???

So this is my accountability….I will post the numbers of my gifts. Like This

I’m Thankful For…..

#9Pounding rain that drowns out any other background and creates this peaceful drone.

#10 Solid teaching from god’s word that convicts the hidden spots of deepest tucked secrets of ones life that proves God really does know us better than we know ourselves

#11 Belly laughs the take over the entire family

#12 a simple answer to prayer

#13 Sequence the Game!!

This is how it will work.  FIVE short statements of thankfulness!  That’s it.  It can be simple or   it can be complex.  I will waiver between the two AND I will probably share both funny and serious things I am thankful for!

So here is the burning questions I have for you….

Where are your eyes looking to?



When I Picked the Word Confidence for 2017……

….I had no idea what was looming around each corner. CONFIDENCE. Confidence In God NOT myself!  I know I haven’t blogged about my word much, if at all.  Let’s be honest and right up front, I haven’t been blogging much at all..  I have been caught between crazy schedules and exhausted.    I had hoped to blog a lot on our two week vacation BUT that did not happen…I have less than 2 days left…..SIGH!  Oh well  but how do I move forward in the future?


So back to Confidence.  My confidence has been tested and stretched SOOOOO many times over the last few years.  Confidence in my abilities, confidence in my faith in ministries (including blogging), ,confidence in God . For instance if when I started at the pregnancy  cente you would have told me that my role there would include people who had been in jail OR that I would be introduced to women who had been in human trafficking situations I would have told you NAH that’s not what I am called to do!  HAHHAHA I was so naive. And Naive is not a word I would use to define me…EVER! However just when I had thought I had heard it all a client made me cough coffee out my nose with one question…..(Yes Amy insert laughter)

The other thing, if you asked me if I would ever be involved in a conference planning ministry that  I am a part of the team I would have laughed and told you “not introverted me.”   Now I am in my second conference Planning session and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

And did I mention that I never thought I would be a pastor’s wife…ok so I didn’t want to be.  I wanted to be a missionary to a country that didn’t’t allow missionaries.  I wanted to be an inner city youth leader….Amongst some other things….Pastor’s wife was never on the list…EVER!!

Confidence or GOD-FIDENCE

My confidence was not there.  I need to have God-fidence as Renee Swope  calls it in her A Confident  Heart Bible Study.  and now I’m in yet another transition period….Another confidence area…A God-fidence area if you will….and it has to do with fear!    We have been listening to our friend Marc preach on it for the last week, and quite honestly it’s been hard.  Im not the same scared  young bride I was when I married my husband 14 years ago BUT there are certain things that grip my heart and mind tighter than anything else in this entire world.   It’s the area of people pleasing .  I worry about this ALL THE TIME. I obsess over this.   BUT there is a big problem about this…Worry means a mind divided!   I am torn between two masters….God who has called me to do this.  I have made a commitment to do this.  It is my  responsibility to use my gifts, to sharpen them, to hone them in, however I hide.  I hide this from social media.  I have not shared my blog on social media( as in my own personal wall) in  over two years, because I am AFRAID!  I worry about criticism, critique….people being angry with me .   and that leads me to my second master….Satan AND other people.  I am a person divided.

The Problem

The problem with all of this is Jesus himself promises struggles, that we will be persecuted that there will be problems . (John 16:33)  So I am trying to avoid and run away from the trouble that is promised. It’s what I do with that trouble. It’s not hiding from it, BUT it is taking it to God and allowing God to work it out.  It is having trust that HE will work through my words.  It is having confidence in Him…confidence to know what He wants me to write and share and when people aren’t pleased with me knowing that HE is because that is all that matters!

Instead I want a sound mind….a whole mind, a mind with one master, God.I want to serve Him and pleaseHim with all I say, do, and WRITE!  And that means if He has all of my mind then there is NO other room for anyone else.  This also means that I need to make sure that I keep my heart in check with God’s word because out of the condition of the heart Man speaks!! (But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. Matt. 15:18 NIV)

The end result

So here it is…

This blog will go back on my social media.

You are now free to share it.

  • I’m not living afraid I’m choosing freedom.
  • I’m choosing one master.
  • Im choosing to have a whole minded God-fidence.

Remember this is my story, a story that God is writing and I am sharing it to bring Him Glory, hopefully to bless others so look past you opinions and feelings and think on this that our friend Marc shared the other night,

Without Misery, there can be no Ministry

Yes it is going to look messy and yes we are going to get raw and we ARE going to talk about hard things, BUT if I don’t do this Im NOT in God’s Will.  He didn’t give me a story to hide it under a bushel….NO, THIS is my light and I’m going to let it shine!


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Happy Homemaker Monday 6/2602017

Good evening, I usually write these first thing in the morning but as of late we have been traveling at break neck speeds.  All I have really had timer is Homemaking….and ministry stuff!  why work so hard all the time well our vacation is just around the corner and I REALLY want to tie up loose ends before we leave.

well let’s not put off this post any longer, because honestly I am ready to CRASH!

The weather::: Stormy…like big huge thunderstorms and really in the mid 70’s.

On my reading pile:::  well my reading pile has dwindled.  I have finished 6 books this month and I hope to finish One Thousand Gifts and I am starting  A Woman’s Call To Prayer tomorrow July holds a whole new stack BUT it’s not July YET!

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend::: Fixer Upper The Donna Reed Show

On my TV:::Not a bLooming thing 🙂

On the menu for this week:::

Monday  Pasta

Tuesday Chicken and dumplings

Wednesday Chicken Broccoli and Rice bake in the crockpot

Thursday  Taco Salad

Friday Pizza

SaturdaySoup and salad

Sunday Meatball subs

On The To-Do List Bahahahahahaha the better question is what is NOT on the to-do List.  But the run down for tomorrow looks like this

Devos, blog, read 1,000 Gifts, Best Yes Bible study, A Woman’s Call to Prayer, Kid’s work folders (yep Im that mom who keeps er kids up on their studies during the summer), I need to write up our pack lists (everyone gets their own),I need to declutter the top of the piano, I also need to declutter the top of our stairs,3 loads of laundry, 3 loads of dishes, mop downstairs, grocery shopping AND hang out with my friend AMY!

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::: I  created last week an art journal of sorts with a table of contents with prompts in the front.  I will be working on that for the rest of the year,

Happening this week:::All the normal church stuff with connect groups, and Bible study and so on…and also this is my last week at the pregnancy center  tip after vacation

Looking around the house:::everything is much better after todays marathon of cleaning.  I only have a few loads of laundry left. then there is our room…CYCLONE CENTRAL! yeah That NEEDS to be dealt with on Thursday and Friday !

From the camera:::Homemaker s in training

Ladybug with her friend L….they did some baking while I was sleeping….Ummmm rumor has it that they wore more flour than they used 😉

What I’m wearing today:::  Jeans and a pink collared short sleeve shirt with sneakers

One of my simple pleasures::: Summer rains in the mountains of Pennsylvania (where I grew up)  It just smells different then the mountains here in NY

Bible verse, Devotional::: Psalm 139:11-18 NIV

11 If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,”
12 even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.
13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
17 How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!
18 Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand— when I awake, I am still with you.

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Book Review : The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell

TurquoiseFirst things first, ARE YOU A FRONT YARD PERSON? That is the question you will need to answer as you read Kristin Schell’s book The Turquoise Table.  In the Turquoise Table Kristin takes us on her journey to build community in her Texas town.  She chronicles he ups and downs  of being front yard people  as they began doing every day tasks at the turquoise table.  She gives practical advice on how to stock a simple basket to grab and go as you go to sit at the turquoise table , like crayons, coloring books, a can of mixed nuts, plastic cups and a water pitcher.  BUT Kristin ALSO includes family tested recipes at the end of each chapter !!  The chapters are short and sweet.  They get right to the point and there are many testimonials of others as they have embarked on their turquoise table journeys.  It was an easy and encouraging read that really makes the reader feel as though you can accomplish what is a seemingly scary risk, but with ease Kirstin melts away fears and doubts!

I  had heard about the turquoise table movement through blogging friends over the last few years but I had not been to Kristin’s Blog   or read anything official concerning the concept.  And even though I had never read anything by her I had decided that my carpenter hubby was going to make some picnic tables for our outdoor space, I new one of them would bee painted TURQUOISE!!!!

When I saw I had the option to review Kristin’s Book I knew I just had to and it did NOT disappoint.  I couldn’t stop reading!!!  Each chapter addressed different ares the Turquoise table touched in her life…even the table wearing out…WHILE SHE SAT ON IT!!!   Did I mention she was on camera as it happened?  SOOOO FUNNY!  The turquoise table has changed her, her family, her community, TEXAS and many around the world…no I am NOT kidding!!!   Being a front yard person may not be my personality type, BUT Im certainly going to give it a whirl!!!

This is definitely 5 star rating plus some!

Thanks BookLook Bloogers for giving me a free copy of this book to review and not expecting anything in return!