LOOK AT WHAT I DID!!!!! 6-26-2019


Look what I did? Yep, we were on vacation for all of two days and I landed myself in the ER.


It appears I have some tendon/ ligament damage. The ER Doc was convinced it was brooken. I need to see an orthopedic DR. when we return home….in 3 weeks, for now, it’s Elevation and Ice AND CRUTCHES. Blog posts will be short and sweet for now!

One thing I have come to realize is I don’t sit well with my feet up.

another thing I’m not good at is everyone waiting on me hand and foot.

AND I am REALLY bad at using crutches.

Look AT Me

I hate having people look at me. I have to be in court in a few days and I have to take the crutches with me. I am seriously hoping they have an elevator. As an introvert, I am not a fan of people staring at me, to begin with. Being on crutches just screams stare at me…LOL.

It’s gonna be a stretching experience all the way around..