Book Review: Hello Mornings by Kat Lee

Hello  Mornings

About The Book

In Hello Mornings Kat Lee takes her years of knowledge and understanding of what it means to have a  purposeful morning routine.  She takes her years of experience and  writes from her passion about what it means to truly have a successful morning routine.  She begins with the importance of having a morning routine.  One of the most intriguing concepts in this morning routine  presented  by Kat Lee is the idea of a 3-minute morning..    Each morning you spend just one minute on each of three areas.

  1. God Time
  2. Plan Time
  3. Move Time

Each of these 3 areas are broken down in the simplest of tasks.  In God Time you read and meditate on one verse.  In plan time you review your calendar, and in move  time you start off drinking water.  The whole point is to set the routine, making it a bit.  As you get comfortable in the routine you grow your various times.  The beauty of this is when you come to a point of stress, change or sickness you won’t just give up where you are you can just simply go back to that simple three minute morning routine and not feel like you have completely failed.  Kat then goes on to explain the growing of each of these areas.  She gives ample ideas on how to grow each one without it seeming like she is forcing you into her way.  The whole concept really is about discovering what s right for you!

The last four chapters are a toolkit as she Labels it in section 3.  In these chapters she talks about building habits, the power of preparation , Community and accountability and Her call to action.

My Response

Wish I could sit here and tell you how easy of a book this is.  But it’s not.  It’s a good book.  It is a powerful book because it holds some powerful truths.  I wish someone had given me permission years ago to have a 3 minute morning routine.  It has empowered me to go back to square one and to lay a foundation that once upon a time I had, but as I became a mom, and joined my husband in full time ministry, I have  fallen short of where I really needed to be and honestly at times I have just plain and simple given up because Life has gotten too crazy or too hard and I can no longer keep all those hoops spinning.   I have now come to a place where I don’t have to drop these three hoops.  The most important hoops.  This book has opened my eyes to a new way of looking at my mornings.  yes I know I am a morning person already but this simple way of looking at mornings is even a do-able morning routine for the night owls  I call friends and family.

Yes it’s a hard book. AND yes it is worth your time.  Another amazing facet of this book is you don’t have to get through the WHOLE book in order to put these principles into practice.  You can get that three minute morning implemented ASAP!  It builds momentum and you will find yourself having more confidence as you move forward through this book.  Needless to say ( as if you couldn’t already tell.) I highly recommend this book.  I give it five stars.  AND will you join me as I say HELLO MORNINGS?

A huge Thank you to BookLoook Bloggers for Providing me with the free copy of this book for review purposes And an even bigger thank you for letting me review these books as I see fit!

Book Review :Boundaries ByDr. Henry Cloud &Dr. John Townsend


( writer’s note:  if you are looking for a comparison of the two boundaries books and how they are similar/ different I’m sorry this is NOT the blog post for you.  I hav not read the previous editions so I cannot fully compare other than to basically say what you can already see on the cover….”Updated and expanded for the digital age”

Chapter 1- (Don’t Worry I’m not going to go chapter by chapter-  but seriously we NEED to discuss this one in a little more depth).  Chpter 1 is a day in the Boundaeryless life.  It follows Sherrie around in all the ins and outs of her CRAZY life.  Sherrie can’t say NO.  Sherrie is a doormat for anyone and everyone can walk on.  She exemplifies what most people struggle with.    This book then proceeds to take you through some of the most logically written, helpful material.  Chapter 1 Hits you hard with the reality  that we all have Sherrie within us..  At various points in each of our lives we all struggle with our inner Sherrie.  WE CAN ALL IDENTIFY!

The first section of this book focuses on what boundaries actually are, how they are developed and common myths about boundaries (just to name a few).  The second section deals with boundary conflicts, specifically with family, friends,spouse, children, work digital age and God.    And section 3 deals developing healthy Boundaries focusing on  resistance to boundaries and how to measure success with Boundaries and comes full circle in Chapter 17 with A Day in the Life with Boundaries.  This is where Sherrie has learned how to set boundaries and is a new person because of them. She enjoys life rather than dreading it!

I must confess as I journeyed through this book I had a few favorite chapters.  Chapter 5- the 10 Laws of Boundaries is first-  this chapter for me was pivotal as I began to see boundaries  in a different light.  Really I already use and apply these laws in my life and with our children but this made more sense!

  1. The law of sowing and reaping
  2. The law of responsibility
  3. The law of power
  4. The law of respect
  5. The law of motivation
  6. The law of evaluation
  7. The Law of proactivity
  8. the law of envy
  9. the law of activity
  10. the law of exposure

As I read through these sections I became keenly aware that there are natural laws that play into our everyday lives.  These things impressed me that God has set them in place for a reason and I need to utilize them for all they are worth!

Chapter 13-  Boundaries and Yourself-  ALL I CA SAY IS YIKES!!!  This is one of the most challenging chapters.   We can  set boundaries on others but when it comes to ourselves it’s easy to make excues.  Some of the topics the authors touch on is food, money, time, task completion words, sexuality, and substance abuse.  I can tell you for me task completion and time are my biggest struggles. and  as I have read this book I have a new game plan for change and to get better.

Chapter 16- How to measure success with Boundaries.  I’m a goal setter by nature sohis struck a deep resounding chord with me.  I measure goal every single week.  I evaluate and re-evaluate.  It drives me absolutely batty when someone writes about a process but then you have no way to evaluate  whether or not you are progressing.  THIS CHAPTER. WAS A HUGE PLUS.  The authors give you 11 steps of progression….This is NOT a checklist!   This is a Eans of measurement.  This is huge for me and maybe one of the greatest reasons this book is so incredibly helpful!

It was also incredibly helpful to read chapter 18 as Sherrie has found  joy in life (who wouldn’t love  that!)

So my thoughts:  This book was HARD and CHALLENGING!

and yet it is so helpful.  It helps me, not only in my own personal life BUT it helps me as I mentor women,.  It helps me raise my children, and it helps me grow closer to God.

But I have two concerns: 1). I don’t appreciate books that change  translations of the Bible to fit their purposes.  I get what they are trying to do BUT it confuses people.  We need to be careful not to try to fit Bible passages into what we want to say BUT we need to  take God’s word and write from that.  We call that playing hermeneutical gymnastics with the text.  when we change and bend and mold the Bible to fit what we are trying to say.

2). Is not really complaint but a desire.  I desire that in some these books that they might include some chapters that are helpful for this in full time ministry.  It’s not a downfall to the book just a personal wish I guess.

other than that I must say I really enjoyed the book and give it 4.5 stars out of 5.  You Can check out Boundaries on Amazon by clicking here.

A age thank you to BookLoook Bloggers for the free copy for review. with no expectation of positive review.    It has been a real pleasure working with you for the last few years!  This blog post does not contain any affiliate links!

Book Review : The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell

TurquoiseFirst things first, ARE YOU A FRONT YARD PERSON? That is the question you will need to answer as you read Kristin Schell’s book The Turquoise Table.  In the Turquoise Table Kristin takes us on her journey to build community in her Texas town.  She chronicles he ups and downs  of being front yard people  as they began doing every day tasks at the turquoise table.  She gives practical advice on how to stock a simple basket to grab and go as you go to sit at the turquoise table , like crayons, coloring books, a can of mixed nuts, plastic cups and a water pitcher.  BUT Kristin ALSO includes family tested recipes at the end of each chapter !!  The chapters are short and sweet.  They get right to the point and there are many testimonials of others as they have embarked on their turquoise table journeys.  It was an easy and encouraging read that really makes the reader feel as though you can accomplish what is a seemingly scary risk, but with ease Kirstin melts away fears and doubts!

I  had heard about the turquoise table movement through blogging friends over the last few years but I had not been to Kristin’s Blog   or read anything official concerning the concept.  And even though I had never read anything by her I had decided that my carpenter hubby was going to make some picnic tables for our outdoor space, I new one of them would bee painted TURQUOISE!!!!

When I saw I had the option to review Kristin’s Book I knew I just had to and it did NOT disappoint.  I couldn’t stop reading!!!  Each chapter addressed different ares the Turquoise table touched in her life…even the table wearing out…WHILE SHE SAT ON IT!!!   Did I mention she was on camera as it happened?  SOOOO FUNNY!  The turquoise table has changed her, her family, her community, TEXAS and many around the world…no I am NOT kidding!!!   Being a front yard person may not be my personality type, BUT Im certainly going to give it a whirl!!!

This is definitely 5 star rating plus some!

Thanks BookLook Bloogers for giving me a free copy of this book to review and not expecting anything in return!

Book Review: Zip It by Karen Ehman

Zip It

Zip It By Karen Ehman is the 40 day challenge supplement to Karen  Ehman’s book Keep It Shut.  This 40 day challenge focuses directly on taming your tongue and focuses not only on the negative impacts of our speech but also encourages us to use our speech to lift up others.    Karen weaves her real life stories and struggles within her writing and challenges often not to make the same mistakes as she has but rather take the mistakes she has made and learn from them and apply  the truths from God’s Word in how we react to other people, including ourselves.  each day is complete with take aways, and challenges to implement into our everyday lives and even journaling prompts and a Prayer to change our hearts in the direction that God’s Word directs that day.  Some of the challenges are as simple as  printing out a verse and posting  it where you will see it often OR as challenging as hard heart work in changing or apologizing for hurt that you have spoken into someones life!

I must confess that going into this book review I had not yet read Keep It shut, but it was on the reading list for this year.  SOOOOO I read it at the same time as Zip it and it was encouraging.  I finished Keep it Shut after I read Zip and I can honestly say that if you have not read Keep It shut yet, you most certainly could read Zip It without reading Keep It Shut.  It can stand on it’s own.  Though I would recommend also reading Keep It Shut!

As I read Zip itI loved the short daily readings that were rich in Scripture and  saturated with truth and raw transparency of how Karen struggled with her mouth.  I am looking forward to working through the challenges at the end of every day! There is pretty much nothing I view as a Con.  I do have a personal preference but it’s not a downfall of the book. Im just not a fan of the canned written out prayer BUT I can totally see the benefit as a direction in which to go.  Again that is just a personal preference and DOES NOT affect my review of this book!

I really enjoyed reading this book and I gleaned so much from it even though I have yet to work through the challenges!  I highly recommend this book if you struggle with taming your tongue…and even if you don’t

I give it 5 stars!

Thank you BookLook Bloggers for providing this free copy for review purposes.   A free copy was provided without any expectation of a positive review!

Book Review: I Am By Michele Cushatt

I Am by Michele Cushatt is a 60 day journey to learning who you are in Christ!  Basically the book is broken  into 6 parts with 10 chapters (days) in each Part,  Michele’s transparency throughout the book is both touching and humorous as she gets down to the nitty gritty and the not so pretty in our daily walks with christ.  BUT she does it laced with mercy grace and humor. Michele takes passages that speak to who we are in Christ and carefully weaves in her life experiences which are many, some humorous and some very hard hitting.  You will travel from laugh out loud moments to tears of conviction and sympathy and back to laughter again. I  greatly appreciated how Michele hand scripture with care as well.

When I think about I AM , the word that immediately come to mind is WOW.  And it is not a cop out type of wow either.  Earlier this year Through a series of prayers I realized that I had kind of lost myself.  I began seeking out books that could help me through this process of rediscovering who I am  when I stumbled upon the launch video for Michele’s book I Am.  It was an answer to prayer!  I sought out who the publisher was and when I realized it would be released for review through BookLook Bloggers I was over the moon excited.  Little did I know the journey It would take me on.  This book is not a fast read nor an easy read.  This book is meant to be digested.  It sometimes took me days to read through one short  2 page devotion.  I have yet to work through the questions at the end of each day.  They are set aside in a gray blog…they are thought provoking questions that I plan to use as journaling prompts as I work through the chapters again.  As I looked back over the last 60 days I want to find some quotes to share with you but quite honestly most of the book is highlighted.    This book is well loved and I can promise you that I will be passing on other copies of this book!  I found it to be a great encouragement to me….And I know that no matter what you are going through, no matter you are or circumstances, you too can glean truth about who you are in Christ!

Now there was one slight problem when I received this book ad it was not that of the Author.  When I received this book from Harper Collins half of the packing sicker was stuck to the back of the book which in turn damaged the book’s back cover.  I was disappointed but  it didn’t  effect the reading of the book.


All in all I give the book 5 stars

Thank you BookLook Bloggers for providing this free copy for review purposes. Positive reviews are NOT expected in return