Random Reflections: Happy Accidents

Well Good morning,  Today I’m going to tackle this post a tad differently.  I have my post up and as I go throughout my day I will write what pops into my head and we will see how this works (hehehehe)

  1. Student of the week letter-

As a mom, I seek to encourage my children on a regular basis and in personal ways- some of my kids are very private. Well, our youngest is “student of the week” and each Tuesday the teacher reads a special letter written by the parents.  This is a super difficult challenge because other people are reading it and hearing it.   I can think of a gazillion great things about each one of our kids BUT either the kids don’t want us mentioning them in public OR they aren’t “public” things.  I know some kids don’t get the encouragement their little hearts crave and so this exercise is both good for the parent and the kid.  The parents because they need to focus more on the positive and the kid because they need to see that the parent sees more than just an inconvenience.  (That just breaks my heart to write that!  So the little guy’s letter is sealed in its envelope ready to go and I hope he won’t blush too much!

  1. Happy Accidents.

I was testing out some thoughts on a project for a friend and I tried putting vinyl on a Canvas panel. Well, It didn’t stick well So I fought through the transfer tape process and An idea popped into my head…ACRYLIC PAINT!  So I painted over the vinyl and when it was dry I peeled it off.   I must confess I picked red and blue and blended them together in the middle and initially I HATED it but after it was dry and I peeled off the vinyl- I decided it was what Bob Ross called a “Happy Accident!  ”                                                    –Happy accidents                                                                                           And that is pretty much it for this week! How about you what kind of random is going on in your life this week