Esther: Powerful Woman of Influence #5


We have spent a Whole LOT of time here on this blog talking about Esther! It’s no secret this orphan girl turned queen has greatly impacted my life! You can check out her other posts here.

ESTHER’s Story

At the beginning of her story, we see a girl whose parents have died and who is being raised by her cousin Mordecai. Then She is kidnapped, and taken to the king’s harem, where she will never be able to leave. She is given a year’s beauty treatments for one night with the king.

Did I mention she was a Jew who along with hundreds of others were exiled from Israel to Media -Persia? No? OOPS! Now that her night with the king was upon her, she was about to face another possible exile. If she didn’t please the king and he chose her as his wife, she would be sent to spend the rest of her life with the rest of the king’s concubines and she would remain there until her dying day.-OR- the king asked for her by name. (Fat chance of that happening.)

She was chosen.

Soon after that though another devastating blow would come. A man by the name of Haman wanted to kill ALL the Jews. This meant that Esther would be executed as well. He had gained permission from the king to make it happen!

Esther a seemingly insignificant girl had to choose bravery in every step of her journey. God had a much bigger plan to use Esther for…for such a time as this!

I so want THAT kind of bravery, to say ” for such a time as this” in whatever circumstances I find myself in! I want to be ready when God says “Mary, I have been preparing you for such a time as this!” and just like Esther, there will be many of those moments!

How about You?

Who has influenced you with their bravery? Let me know in the comments below.

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