Random Reflections ​:​ A​r​t 6/20/2019


Art: Always been a Dream

As a kid I had a deep seeded longing to be an artist of any sort. I loved all things crafty and creative BUT I especially always wanted to learn to paint. In high school we had a mandatory Art Humanities class- which is pretty much art history. I was Bummed to say the least.

I could have taken an art class BUT….

I was REALLY into Shop class. In middle school, it was mandatory for us to have a quarter in Art, woodshop, music, and Home Ec. I loved all of them except Home Ec ( and for all of you wondering out there- yes I can cook and bake). There was a huge difference though for me between art and woodshop. The TEACHERS. The woodshop teachers were hilarious and encouraging. If you made a mistake they would make a joke about it and move on. The art teachers, however, had their favorites and it was obvious.

In our 7th and 8th grade school years, you could take “mini-courses” the last period a day. I requested every art class offered and was rejected each time. I also chose every shop class and got into them all (I have the baskets and clock to show for it). I was also able to take a German paper cutting(scherenschnitte) class offered by my favorite teacher you can check out some amazing images here. It can range from the simplest of images only requiring scissors to the extremely intricate requiring the finest Exacto knife blades (yes that was a different time and place in our country)

Hello YouTube Art Community

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I decided I wanted to give this painting thing a go on my own. I began studying Youtube artists and what they did. I have learned a lot. I have don’t a bunch of paintings . and this year I stepped up my game and added both Guoche and Acrylics. I am having fun as I go. I don’t really post any of my work here but I do on my Instagram. Interested Check it out here.

How about you? Is there something you have always wanted to learn as a kid/ teenager but never did? Or maybe you are just learning now like I am. What’s Your story? Share with me in the comments.