Book Review: Loved Back To Life by Shiela Walsh


Loved Back to Life: How I Found the Corage To Live Free, is Shiela Walsh’s answer to the many questions of how she’s doing now, and what’s happened in her life since she left her job as co-host of the 700 Club.   Shiela spent time hospitalized for sever depression and stills struggles with it to this day.  Shiela talks openly and bravely about the darkest of times and the really hard questions of life.   She has opened eyes and paved pathways for those who are hiding in those dark places afraid for various reasons and encourages all to step out into the light!

I’m not going to lie….THIS BOOK DEALS WITH HARD STUFF.

It took me a long time to get through it.   This isn’t an easy read.   It really forces you to look inward, and dot lookl not just at the surface but deeply.   Now I choose this book back in January, and I read the description, but nothing could prepare me for it!  It’s been a rough six months for our family and to be completely honest I needed every inch of this bbok.  Every chapter, every sentence, every word!

The book is littered with my notes, highlights and underlines.

One of my most favorite quotes comes from the last chapter,

Flying home that day I realized that we are all “disabled”; it’s just more noticeable with some of us than others. Some of us are blind or in wheelchairs, while others of us are angry and bitter.  What matters is what we are going to do with our disabilities.


That’s how I live my life with my “physical” disability (remember I’m legally blind) but there are other things…..things that we are condoned to keep quiet about…..

Today our world is littered with broken, bitter people who need love and instead receive judgement. By loveI do not mean a soft, quiet thing, but a powerful source for good.  Love breaks down and builds up.  It is transforming. Judgement however, brings condemnation and fear.  It is cowardly because it distances itself from the pain of life. Rather than healing what is bent. It cripples and abandons…….

True love, love that speaks truth and yet refuses to abandon others, gives people oppertunity to change.  It even motivates them to change.  (CHAPTER 8)

If you have struggles ( and just like the first quote I mentioned states) we all do, then this book is for you!   If your heart needs some remodeling read this! It has made me aware of areas that need work and as long as you approach this book with willingness God will use it greatly!

I give it 5 stars!

(I received this complimentary copy for review from BookLook bloggers and in no way was compensated for a positive review)