BOOK REVIEW:Thrive by Mark Hall

This book  has two sections




Mark Hal, lead singer of the band Casting Crowns paints a beautiful picture of what Thriving looks like!  Like the tree on the front cover Mark challenges every single believer to grow deep in your faith, but it’s only when you have that deep ness that you can then reach out and give from those roots!   

Reaching out as Mark states “is the way we  sow the world we belong to Jesus”

I would be lying if I said this is an easy read!   Not that is horribly written or biblically unsound, BUT, that it challenges cut to the inner struggles we all face!  Each chapter takes some working through.

One of my most favorite quotes  from the entire book (and there are Soooooo many gems) comes right from Chapter 3 Unknowns

The more I looked at Scripture the more I found broken people rather than whole people-people like Moses, David,Peter, and Mary. I see how the weak overcome the strong. The poor have an easier time getting into heaven, than the rich.  Everything the world calls success I didn’t find in the Word, and I learned that God takes you just as you are.

When you finally get your brain wrapped around that one statement, your perspective changes, and so does your life!  This book gets five stars!    It’s challenging to the core, but the amount of growth it invokes is amazing!