END IT- More Than Just a Red X- Shine a Light on Slavery Day

End It





That’s what the red X on my had is for.

End It

There are millions around the word who are sporting red Xs on their hands today for Shine a Light onSlavery Day! But my X on my hand serves more than just awareness.   It serves as a reminder of my commitment to fight for the women in my community.  It reminds me to pray for the women who have touched my life with their stories and it  serves as a reminder to pray for those trapped in the horrible bondage.   It’s more than just a red X.

Have you ever met a slave? It is likely you have-you just never realized it. How about someone who has escaped the grips ofHuman Trafficking or the sex slave industry?  also not unlikely.They look just like you and me.  But the scars are deep.  I have held one of the most beautiful babies born to a girl drugged and held captive in a hotel room. She chose life.   People look at me and say not in my community NO that can’t be.   If you are sitting at your computer reading this and say that YOU are WRONG!

It happens everyday…everywhere!  No place is exempt.

Have you heard of the End it Movement?  @enditmovement #endit

#shinealightonslavery  www.enditmovement.com and  A21 Check them out!

These Organizations are fighting to find and free women, teenagers and young children all around the world from the sex slave and human trafficking industry.The stories are remarkable and every time I see a post reading 19 girls rescued today my heart leaps for joy!  but their ministry doesn’t end there.  They then help rehabilitate and provide counseling for these young women as they return to their homes.

You can find out more about what tase amazing organizations are  doing around the world to free children, children like yours and mine.  Children who have had their innocence robbed, stolen away by the inhuman.

I live in the middle of nowhere…..seriously from my window I see one neighbor’s house and I have to move to do so.   BUT 20 minutes from my house is a pregnancy center that I volunteer 1 day a week…..1 Day.  Not that much right?  This June it will mark 3 years, Ive been going in there once a week.    For the sake of this blog post that is roughly 130 days.  (that’s accounting for vacations, holidays and sickness). That’s 520+ hours, but ya know what. I can’t leave my clients and their stories at the center.  I carry them home in my heart.  I cry.  I ache. I wonder.  Three or four girls with stories oh so different.  and yet they are free.   And then I think about all those who aren’t.   They all have names.  They all have faces.  They are mothers.  They are daughters.  They are sisters, cousins and friends.  They are all like you and me.  They are no different.   They didn’t ask for it.  They are alone and they are scared.

Want to learn more about what exactly all these red Xs are for check out the above links and their respective social media accounts.  Will You shine a light on slavery?  and stand up to end it in Your community?

Want an eye opening  account of what  human Trafficking, the sex slave industry looks like I highly recommend the movie Caged No More.  This movie should not be viewed with younger audiences and is the raw truth of what these young women and even children go through.    We need to be bold and take a stand.   END IT!